Monday, November 24, 2008

To Grandmother's House we GO!

One of Richard's favorite tradition's from when he was little was going to Grandma Weaver's house for Thanksgiving and getting a Christmas Tree. This year his parents are in Texas so we went up before Thanksgiving to get our tree. I thought it would be the perfect way to spend my birthday with my family and getting a tree. So we loaded up and headed for George Town (2o minutes past Soda Springs). We had such an amazing time with Shawn and Tiffany's family and there definetely wasn't a dull moment lol! Shawn definetely found his PERFECT tree you have to see there blog to believe me its HUGE!!!

Bailee getting loves from Grandma Weaver, all Bailee really knows of Grandma Weaver is we get Christmas Tree's at her house! It's so funny!

Bailee and Richard loading up our tree on to the 4-wheeler.

Bailee, Kynna, and Katelyn being so cute!

Here they are making snow angels.

We found this pond it was so fun out in the middle of no where. So of course Shawn and Richard had to try out there 4-wheelers on it to see if they could spin in circles. Shawn got a little sick due to a lot of SPINNING!

Here is Richard and the kids playing on it.

Of course I had to have a family picture.

Richard and the kids on the 4-wheeler.

When me and Richard first starting dating we went to his Grandma's house for the weekend. We went up to the Canyon and carved our names in the tree. So 6 years later we brought our kids to the same spot to show them and its still there! I can't believe its been 6 years!

Grandma makes the best dinner's of course which grandma doesn't and the kids were so hungry and it was quiet while they were eating! It was so nice!

Sweet Grandma Weaver surprised me with a birthday pie for my birthday! Thank you so much Grandma for letting us come up and spend the day with you and for making us a yummy dinner and for my YUMMY pie!!! Thanks Shawn and Tiff for going and making new traditions with us! Lava Hot Springs is DEFINETELY on the agenda for next year! Also sorry to the poor Deer that got hit just before we mutilated by running over it by accident we didn't see it until well it was splattered all over the road!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Midnight Premiere!

Thursday about 5pm my AWESOME friend Celeste comes to pick up her sweet boy Bryson from my house and goes "What are you doing tonight?" I said "I'm waiting for your Text to see how the movie is." She goes "Well my friend can't make it do you want her ticket?" I'm like "Ummm HECK YES!" So that is the end of the story I don't remember anything past that! Bailee is like me you can't tell me something exciting till its about to happen or else I will drive you nuts on ?'s and just my excitment alone will drive you CRAZY! It was so much fun and we thought we were crazy fans...oh no there was so many freaks about the movie, they were playing charides from Twilight, making up trivia from the books, yelling quotes from the movie and that was just me! TOTALLY kidding I did NOT play charides. Ok I didn't do anything I just looked at everyone like ok you should not stay up past 10 let alone go out in public! THANKS Celeste is was so much FUN!
Celeste, me and Brittany standing out in the Cold waiting for the movie!

Richard being awesome and watching the kids for me!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Learning to Share!

The other night Bailee wanted popcorn to watch her movie. Well Cole decided he didn't want his bowl he wanted the "BIG" bowl. Bailee wasn't going to let him have it or even share it. So of course there was screaming and crying going on and Richard had enough. He sat them both down and told them about sharing. I was in the back ground just laughing cause seeing Cole just sit there and look at Richard with his big blue teary eye's and looking at him like he had no clue what he was talking about was hard not to giggly. Needless to stay they learned something that night and they ended up sharing (unless Bailee took the bowl away lol)!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bailee and Cole loving the Tube from Ikea!

This last weekend we took a girls trip to Park City, Utah. Funny thing is, its like 40 mintues or something I wasn't really paying attention from Salt Lake and its the BEST place in the world for SHOPPING! I couldn't believe the price's for clothes! We have never to there but we will make it a must 2 times a year to go! Then we went to Ikea and then to Tai Pan which WE all LOVE!!! At Ikea I got this tube for the kids to play and they LOVED IT!!! Thanks girls it was so much fun and Tiff you better be there next year cause it wasn't the same but totally understand with Kader's!!!! Where taking a tailer next time for all our crap lol!!!!

Bailee being silly!

Bailee would go down the stairs and slide into the tube and they both thought it was so funny!

Cole and his adorable smile!

Bailee and Cole having a blast!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

7 WaKY THinG'S aBOut mE!

Wacky Sevens -
I've been tagged by my mom and Taunya
Here's how this one works:
* Tell 7 random/weird things about yourself
* Send this tag to 7 people
* Be creative!

1. Ok I totally HATE feet don't even put them by me! Richard loves to put his feet on my side of the bed and I always kick his away from me cause I'm afraid they have some kind of fungus crap on them as for every one's feet not just his! BUT...I love to LOOK at feet! Call me crazy I KNOW! I love when people's second toe is longer then the big toe. When I was little I used to pull mine as hard as I could so it would be longer then my big toe!

2. When I leave the house over night it has to be spot less! So when I get home I don't have to worry about it being messy. The laundry has to be done and everything put away!

3. I'm so Clasterphoic? don't know how to spell it...that is out of control! I can't ride in small cars for every long. Like CJ's car I could only sit in it for a second and I was screaming to get out! I can't cuddle for over 1 minute. I feel so bad for Richard cause he LOVES to cuddle so I give him a minute then I push him away...sorry Tay Tay!!

4. I have to mow lawns on MONDAY! It drives me nuts if I don't get it done on a Monday it throws my whole week off! I have to mow it EVERY week or else I think people think I'm trashy even though I don't think people are trashy if they don't mow I know I'm weird!

5. I have to do laundry twice a week either on Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. I have to get it done all in one day and put away or else I'll go nuts and stay awake until its done! I have to do it on those days or else I throw my week off even though I'm home all week!

6. I HATE to touch any type of meat/chicken/pork! If its not cooked you will see me with either gloves on or else fork or knifes are involved. Richard thought I was nuts when he figured it out that I don't touch it but AHH so GROSS!

7. I have to be in control of the remote. It droves me NUTS if anyone else has it. I don't care who's house I'm at you will see me with the remote if I'm watching TV. I hate it when people stop at every channel for a couple of seconds to see whats on. I cruise threw them and everyone ask how I know whats on I say duh read the top!


Monday, November 3, 2008

bOO at the zOO!

After the Truck or Treat we zoomed over to the Zoo for the Boo at the Zoo for the kids. It as pretty cool I don't know about the price it was a little over the top when you really can't see the animals but the kids had fun and that's all that counts right!

All the grandkids except Kade and Hagin and its impossiable to get them to hold still.

Cole needs a rest from being so cute, its a tough job but someone has to do it!

Kynn and Bailee the 2 Dr.'s they both LOVE Dr. shows anything to do with Dr.'s so it was perfect for them! We just hope they keep it up cause they need to make us $$ someday lol!

Bailee, Cole, and Grandpa looking at the animals.

AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! "Look mom i'm scary!"

Cole saying "LOOK"

The kids got to go into the leaves and find prize's and the LOVE it!

Kids looking at the pumpkins.

Cole is handing on by a thread!

Well if your going leaving I'm out of here!

Cole was out before we even left! It was a fun night for the kids I can't believe its OVER already AAHHH!!!

Trunk or Treat!

Thursday, Oct 30
I just want to say who ever came up with Trunk or Treat is the BEST! I love it you get the whole neighborhood in 20 min. Your not walking your legs off all night and plus you get more candy!!!

Cole, Bailee, and Kc getting ready for Truck or Treat.

Cole is ready for CANDY although he already got into my candy bowl and ate 3 sucker's already! Isn't he the cutest little stinker EVER!

Cole and Bailee, Cole is a skunk and Bailee is "Dr. McCutie Taylor" they were so stinking cute this year I LOVED IT!!!!

Bailee and Cole in action Bailee is very shy when it comes to people she doesn't know so I had to keep pushing her closer.

3 of us! Richard had to work late AGAIN this year so he missed it AGAIN!

Bad Day for the Taylor's

So Sunday morning I wake up with the flu YUCK and decided to stay home from church. Bailee had stayed at Nana's house cause she was having to much fun with Kayson and Kynna. So Richard has a wrecker call at 10:30 so he left to do that. Well Saturday night I cleaned our carpets cause I do it in the spring and then the fall. Well just before Richard left on the call Daisy pooped on our carpet and I was so sick to deal with her so I put her in her cage. Well about 11:30 Daisy was going NUTS for like 5 minutes so finally I got up to see what her deal was. I looked in the cage and saw a baby Simba (puppy) and I was in SHOCK I didn't know what to do. PERFECT timing for my mom on the big cage to let us use it. I thought they were coming in 2 weeks. So I hurry and called Richard to get home. Well I kept looking at the puppy and it wasn't moving. I didn't know if I could touch it or if Daisy would get mad. So I very carefully took the puppy and it was cold and I felt like crap cause what if I could have helped that little puppy while I was laying on the bed. So I started to rub the puppy trying to get it warm and also chest compressions. Finaly I gave up cause I knew it was gone. Well it didn't dawn on me that she could still be having more. Richard finaly got home got daisy out of the cage to check her and what do you know there was another puppy coming out. Well it looked like the sack was stuck. So we were doing all we could to help Daisy and well the sack broke and needless to say the puppy died before we could get it out. Richard wasn't going to give up he was doing everything possible CPR rubbing a while talking to Paula on the phone with her telling us what to do. They were so CUTE two little girls. I think me and Richard are taking it harder then Daisy although Daisy is still whimpering and kepts looking for her puppies. Yes, its so hard to deal with but we are excited to know she can have puppies and we defently will be better prepared next time. Thank you so much Paula for all your help on the phone you help SO MUCH and also Sherrey for running out and getting Cole for us. So it was a SAD day at the Taylor's house.