Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look out Summer...Here we COME!!!!

We were so STOKED to finally use our trailer. The trailer was heaven for us. It was so fun to go in at night turn on a movie (Heat of course!) and listen to the rain! Ok, Bailee and Cole were so tired by 10:30pm. So we took them in got there pj's on and BAM their 5 wind kicked in. They were bouncing off the walls on their new bunk beds. They thought it was the greatest thing ever! The weather was pretty good also it only rained on us Saturday and then only during the nights which is the best to hear Rain drops on the trailer.

Cole thinks "Mater" is the greatest thing!

Richard and Cole

Maddy and Cole hanging out on the chair, it was so cute they sat so good for us while we were cooking.

Richard and Bailee going down the hill, Bailee has her hands up in the air and screaming.

Momma and Cole

Bailee having a blast on her bed.

Bailee wanted to eat lunch on Cole's bed while she watched "Over the Hedge".

Kids painting rocks.

Kaitlyn, Scott, and Bailee shooting the paintball gun.

The guys playing paintball.

Richard had to use duck tape on his gun cause he forgot his paintball holder.

Cory, Richard, Scott, Isaac, Shawn, and Mike getting ready. Richard gave me his gun went up on the hill and said k you can shoot me. So while he was heading up Isaac gave me his gun cause its better and man THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! Oh man that is the best stress reliever ever! No wonder the guys were playing it the whole weekend.

Me and my kids we thought it would be fun to go on a ride.

Cole woke up from a nap and thought he would be funny and play peek a boo!

Katelyn, Jess, Bailee, and Kc having a little fun!

Bailee, Kc, Kai, and Kynna playing in the mud.

Bye, bye, us leaving our camping spot. Thanks everyone for the awesome time! See ya in 2 weeks at Green Canyon!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Million dollar Smile even @ 6:30AM!!!

May 22, 2008
So last night Richard and I were up til midnight, Richard was doing school to get it done for the weekend and I was finishing(yes, I said FINISHING THE EATON COOK BOOK!!!!!). So yes, all you Eaton's out there your COOK BOOK is finally done a YEAR LATER!!!! Oh my gosh it is like a million lbs off my shoulder's!
Anyways, Cole thought it would be fun to wake at 6:30 in the morning. I was so tired, but thought I would get in the shower and got ready for the day, then I heard "Mater talking", I thought to myself what his he up too, I go out in the living room and he's riding Mater. He's got on Mater himself and was moving his feet to make Mater go backwards. I can't believe how big he is getting. Time is going to fast!!!!

I love his little smile! (Tay JR. for sure!)

Dillon, Cooper, and Bailee eating outside.

So all I watch is boys now and I was afraid that Bailee wouldn't have anyone to play doll stuff with or just play girly things, well i'm not afraid anymore, she manage to get all the boys to play dolls with her. Kade was the dad, Bailee was the mom(yes, she nursed the baby, but I made her use the bottle for the pictuer).

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!

Congratulations Dustin and Celeste its a BOY!!!! Baby Barron is going to be so CUTE!!!! This is not the ultra sound picture but it looks kinda like it. Celeste is due in October and were so excited!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

BuBBle'S iN ThE aIR!!!!!

BubBle tiMe!!!!

Who doesn't love bubbles?! We all love bubbles! Bailee, Dillon, and Jordan had a blast outside playing with the bubbles.

Were in the middle of redoing our backyard so we have dirt hills and I told Richard we need to leave a dirt pile...the kids LOVE DIRT!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cole's 1 year shots :-(

May 14, 2008
I hate ShOTs dAY!!! Shots days are the worst. I feel so horrible making them go threw that pain but in the end its worth it knowing they are protected. Cole was so good for Dr. C playing and giggling with him. He weights 21 lbs!!!! YES, now do you understand why I wanted him to walk so bad this kid is solid!!!! He did so good with the shots, he cried for a little bit then he was fine, he hasn't been fussy at all today but took some sweet naps! You know what that means...I got to nap too!!!!

Cole playing with the chair.

Ok the other day I walked into the kitchen I said, "Bailee what are you doing?" She said, "Mom the screw came out of the stool so I'm fixing it for dad!" Can you believe that my little 3 year old knew to get a screw driver out and put the screw back in the funny thing is she really did FIX IT!!!!

Nana, Bailee, and Kc on mother's day doing dishes.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

May 11th, 2008
We have wanted a camping trailer for so long now and yes we FINALLY DID IT!!!! We had been debating to sell our house and build again or buy a boat or a trailer. So this way I got my new house, my new table that I wanted, plus my new couch. I wish we had video Bailee shopping with us she was so excited she kept saying this is my bed. Then she pointed to the cabinet by the Bunk Beds and said this is Cole's bed. Yup, she sure loves him lol just kidding she then said he can sleep on the bottom bed.

Its hard to read it but the bathroom, bunk beds are in the back, the kitchen and table in the middle. Then the couch and bed up front.
Richard's parents bought a trailer with us also its just a little bit different it doesn't have bunk bed but it does have a bigger bathroom. Sense we bought them together they gave us about $1,000 off! Pluse we wheel and dealed with them to get more off. Thanks Dean and Sherrey it was a fun but very expensive night!

This is the outside of it, its a Jayco and I LOVE IT!!!!!
Ok, Richard has totally spoiled me this year besides the trailer get also got me a generator (for him), new pots and pans for the trailer, and a bunch of little stuff for the trailer. Can I say I LOVE YOU!!!!! My goodness I must have made a good dinner or something I don't know why he did so much for me. Thank you Tay Tay for everything!!!! I love you tons. But the greatest gift I could ever ask for is my two beautiful kids!!! I love them so much and my wonderful husband.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Sherrey and all my grandma's. I love you all so much and thankful for all you have shown me to be a mom!

We also got a phone call from CJ. He loves his new mission. He's apartment is right by the ocean. He said he has already been out tracking and loves IT!!! He also spoke Russian for me and he sounded silly but he did it with so much confidence. He said it hard but the spirit is so strong when he was learning it. I asked him if there is any Russians in Oregon and he said yes, there is a community with a lot of Russian there that have a hard time with English. So he thinks he will get sent there. It was so good to hear from him and he sounded so good. He just wants to get out and work which is all we could ask for. He says Hi to everyone and wants everyone to know He's doing great! It was so good to talk to you bud!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

LaDY BuG!!!

May 5, 2008
Ok, we finally had an warm day were we could go outside and PLAY!!! It got up to 70 degree's I think. Bailee, Dillon, and Kade had fun exploring and finding BuGS! They thought it was the coolest thing ever! This is Bailee at the Winder's house showing off her LaDY BuG!

I remember when I was a kid looking for all kinds of bugs and insects. Bailee I think is going to have fun this summer with camping and finding all kinds of insects.