Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crew is 4 months!

Crew is the cutest, sweetest, noisiest, little stinker! Oh man I can't get enough of this little boy! I just kiss his chubby cheeks every minute I can! Crew is growing like a little weed! He started to roll over Feb 7 and now I can't get him to hold still! He loves Bailee and Cole and they love to make him laugh. They have to hold him any time I put him down. Cole sings Twinkle Twinkle to him and Crew just smiles and giggles when he does. Crew discovered his voice and boy oh boy I think I have another Bailee! I love you little Crewzer!

Catching up!

This year has already been very crazy and so not what I expected it to be! We have been soooo blessed this year. I have started working FULL time at this local daycare place in Shelley. It was really hard the first week I was thinking what in the world did I get myself into. But things have gotten a lot better and the kids are doing better there also. I started to work there cause we decided we wanted to build again and well with a new house we want new things. So I decided to help out with money to pay for a lot of the stuff. We are building in Belmont Estates in Idaho Falls. We fell in love with the minute we drove in. We choose a lot right across the street from its private park so the kids could walk over and play. Our house will be finished July 31st! WAHOO! Pictures will becoming soon!

Here are some pictures of Valentines day and just some random stuff of what we have been up too.

This is Cole at the daycare, he wanted to be a baby that day! They had a Valentines party with the whole daycare....WOW it was CRAZY but sure FUN!

Passing out there Valentines. Over 60 Valentines each!

Decorating sugar cookies.

Ryan and Britton invited us to go Skiing with them. Well it turned out to be Richard laughing at me the whole time of how bad I sucked it up! It was still a lot of fun and man was I SORE the whole next week!

Aunt Julie always spoils each kid every holiday! She sent Cole this sticker book of trackers and Wreckers. Holy crap if I would have known this would have been the COOLEST present ever Christmas would have been a LOT cheaper! Thanks Julie Cole still stays awake every night looking at it and no one is allowed to touch it!