Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Pictures Fall 2010

Well this day went perfect...NOT! Bailee had a HUGE meltdown getting ready and Crew was extremely fussy and tired. Cole I thought was going to be the worst and not want to get dressed and only want to wear his swimmy. Well he fooled me he was the BEST of all 3! We finally got all ready shoved them in the car and told them to smile..ha! Crew was sick and a huge blow out and Cole later on started to throw up! Gotta love picture day! But in the end they turned out great and we still love each other lol!

I put more on my facebook account if you want to check it out which means you might have to get an account (Taunya). Thanks Shantell you did amazing!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Little Tornado!

Crew is becoming our little tornado! We just moved in and I'm still re putting stuff away! He's getting to be so much fun but man he sure is a STINKER!

Every mom knows this feeling!

He loves his tow-mater!

Just Crew-zin around! I love you little chubby monkey!

Spud Day September 18, 2010

Every year Spud Day comes and goes. This year it was really fun. The kids went and went and were pooped by the end of the night. It started with the parade at 10 then the park till around 2. After that we headed to the Derby grounds to get the derby underway.

This is my grandpa Eaton. He's almost 90 and still is riding his horses like he's a young cowboy! He always starts the parade being uncle Sam.

Richard passing by with Crew driving. Those 2 are just to darn cute!

One of the tow trucks.

The grand kids always want to ride with Nana and Grandpa.

Hanging from the crane is the raffle ticket car.

The girls hiding under the blanket from all the dirt.

This year was one of the best hitting year we have had. I can't believe how BIG our derby is getting. There was so many people and we just keep getting more! We love it!

Richard is the announcer. He does an amazing job and keeps the crowd entertained.

We had the fire fighters run across the field to put out the fire in the hole. If you look close they all started to tumble before they even got a 1/4 of the way.

Kader's and Tiffany watching Shawn.

My cousin Ashley and her boyfriend. They are so stinking cute and sweet!

Cole having fun with his glow stick!

Of course they had to play in the mud when it was all over with.

Derbin Chick, Hagin, Jessica, and Taylee all having a girls night. This year was the best year yet! It was so much fun the crowd had a blast and we had no problems except with the stupid sheriff! Oh well but other then that can't wait for next year!

Found my STONE!

YES!!! Richard went into the trailer and thought I am going to find this diamond. Then he looked in the window by the sink of the trailer and well a little sparkle hit his eye! YAY!!!! I'm married again! I'm so stinking grateful that he found it. Its like a million pounds was lifted off my shoulders. Thanks babe! Oh man I love ya man! p.s I looked by that stupid window at least 50 times ugg!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What we have been up to this summer!

Sorry for the non blogging. Working and raising a family plus all the other craziness I just haven't had time to sit and blog. We moved into our home in August. We couldn't be more excited! Bailee turns 6 on the 15th of September but we had her party on the 12th. She started kindergarten this fall and is doing so good! I'm so proud of her and her hard work!

I am now teaching preschool at the Tatar Tots Academy. I LOVE IT! I didn't think I would like it this much but I love getting my lesson ready and then seeing the kids loving the projects. I know I'm the worst speller and I STINK at grammar but just teaching the basic of preschool is so much fun! Then I watch 4 kids at home. It's a crazy schedule but it's been a lot of fun...sort of!

Well good luck looking at all the post. Sorry there is so many!

It's a Pony Party!

Alyssa had her 7th birthday party as a Pony Party. The kids had a great time riding the horse. Cole was in a mood so he didn't want anything to do with it but oh well we will get him sooner or later.

Bailee of course had to get a pink cowgirl hat with a princess crown and sparkles!

Thank you for the fun ride and fun party!

Our new home!

YEA! We finally moved in August 11, 2010! We had the HARDEST time building this house. From the moment we signed with Fall Creek it has been nothing but problems after problems. BUT.....we finally finished with a big BANG! The banks wouldn't let us close we were scheduled on July 27 and finally got it on the 11 of August. We are in and happy as can be! You all know Richard he has already got the sprinkler system in and the yard planted. That guy never sits down for one second. He is already putting in the neighbor's sprinkler system and we have only been moved in for a month! Jeez dude!

One of the best parts about this house is the park is right across the street! The kids are there almost everyday! I love it and I love loVE LOVE my new home!

Princess Party for Bailee's 6th Birthday!

I'm in shock I can not believe my little girl is 6! She is so much fun, she is 1,000% girl! Everything has to do with pink, sparkles, clothes, shoes, and diva attitude! I never thought I would have such a girly girly but yes I got it! Bailee wanted Princess and the frog themed. So we had all the girls dress in princess dresses and then we got swords for the knights armor. They had so much fun it was really fun to watch them play!

Bailee getting her Princess birthday crown on.

We played kiss the frog. Paisley is taking her turn...Cole has the hots for her its pretty cute!

Bailee is always singing and so we thought a Karaoke machine was perfect...guess what it was! She has not stopped played with it!

Blowing our her princess cupcakes.

We love you so much Princess I hope you had a wonderful day!