Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Cole!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Cole!
Monday April 28, 2008
At 1:42 Cole Richard Taylor was born weighing in at 7lbs 6oz! 20 1/2 inc long. He's the sweetest little boy and yes of course the cutest little thing also. We love you so much and were so glad you choose us as your family!

Cole with his daddy.

Cole trying to get the flame.


Yuck, don't like this on my hands!

This is the best part of the night!

Cole got same awesome toys, thanks everyone!

Coleman, Candace, and Bailee having a little giggle.

Sherrey aka Grandma and Britton having fun with the dance party.

Cole just has not felt good the past two days, as you can tell he's pooped!
Thanks Taylor's for Cole's fun presents and for coming to our BBQ! It was fun to have everyone out again! Thanks again!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Cole!!!!

April 27, 2008
Today is not really Cole's Birthday its tomorrow. But we had Cole's B-day party with the Eaton's on Sunday and the Taylor's on Monday. Cole's is already 1!!!! I can't even believe it. I was telling my mom this time last year we were at CJ's Baseball game. I started my contractions about the middle of his game. Then towards the end of the game I knew I was going into Labor. So after his game, I went to my mom's house and walked there driveway till Richard got there after work. When he picked me up we left Bailee with my parents drove home and got our bags. Yes, I was mad cause Richard wouldn't let me shave my legs he said "We don't have time, we need to get to the hospital". I'm like fine whatever. On our way we hit every single stop light and each light I swear was over 10min. Once we arrived to Mountain View Hospital they said they weren't sure if they were going to keep me cause I was only to a 1 and was not thinned out. About that time I thought I was going to die cause my contractions was killing me and they were every 3min. Finally, when I got my epidural my water broke and out he came within 20 min. Yup, what a waste of an epidural to only have for for 2o min, but I was glad to have it after the birth. Cole was born in the same room and Bailee was room 4. They both were born at 1:42 but Cole was in the morning. We love you Cole and were so glad to have you in our lives!!!!

Cole and Bailee watching out the window for everyone to come.

Cole opening up presents.

Maddy and Cole, we can already tell they are going to be good friends. Whenever they see each other they crawl or walk right to each other.

Cole ridding his bouncy toy.

Ok, Cole wasn't feeling good at all and when it came time to the cake he did not like that mess of his fingers.

I think he's saying "I think i'm going to throw up"!

Presents time!!!

Hagin, Bailee, and Kc out on the tramp.

We had so much fun with the Wii. We did the dance party and played bowling and boxing. Even Nana and grandpa had a blast with it! Its much easier playing on the projector.
Thank everyone for coming to Cole's party and for his presents. He loves his new toys.

Bailee's Dance Recital

April 26, 2008
Ok, I have never been so proud of Bailee then I was on her Dance Recital night. She did such an amazing job and looked so stinking adorable on stage! She didn't cry, she watch her dance teacher most of the time. The lights and decorations would catch her eye every once in a while but then she would get right back to dancing. I think she was sad when it was done cause she came up to me and said "mom I want to wear my pretty little dress again", I said "well you can wear it at home", she said "No, I want to wear it at Dance Recital again". Poor girl she didn't understand.

Hagin, Bailee, and Kynna. Hagin was in the second half the older kids.

Hagin and Bailee

Bailee is the second one from the left. Sorry the pictures are so dark.

The second one again, not the blond hair girl.

Bailee giving Nana a hug, Nana gave both Hagin and Bailee flowers.

Well Richard and Cole made it threw the first half of the recital, but couldn't make it threw the second half. Thanks for trying though.
Thanks everyone who came and watch Bailee and Hagin dance. They appreciated it a lot. They worked so hard this year and it payed off!!! AWESOME JOB Bailee and Hagin!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!!!
So we went to Blast Off with Dara and Steve Wednesday night and it was the greatest thing for the kids EVER!!!! Kason and Bailee had so much energy (guess the mountain dew didn't help any) but they ran and ran all night!!! They stopped for 1 minute to eat pizza and then they took off again! By 9:30 they were so tired they couldn't even walk to the car's it was so cute.

Cole showing off his climbing skills.

Bailee wouldn't hold still for one minute to let me take a picture.

Kason and Bailee in the Tonka truck.

Bailee and Cole in the ball pit.

Bailee is so brave!

Don't know the other kid...but he was by himself with his dad so the kids let him play with them.

Cole saw flashing lights and was in heaven.

Bailee and Cole are starting to play together...I LOVE IT!!!!!

Thanks Dara and Steve we had a BLAST!!!!


Bailee was so excited the day she wrote CJ and letter. For FHE we decided to make it a tradition now to write CJ a letter after we get done doing FHE. She couldn't wait to put it in the mail box. She put her stamps all over it.

Sorry it was dark outside but this is bailee putting the letter in the mailbox.

Here ya go CJ your #1 fan!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Congradulations Dustin and Celeste!

Dustin and Celeste,
We are so excited that you guys are sealed for time and all eternity. It's the greatest blessing to know that you can be with your family for eternity! (Richard stop crying!)j/k. Thank you for letting us share your special day with you and we love you guys to much!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cole is WALKING!!!!

Sunday April 14th, 2008
Cole is walking more and more everyday.
He's still mainly crawling but if he's standing
he'll walk and he'll take over 6 or more
steps at once. He just needs to learn now to walk
from sitting down. Well have more pictures of him
walking and I'll try to put a video on this so you can see.

Bailee couldn't wait to get outside!!!
After church Bailee ran in changed her clothes
and went outside! She loves to swing and
jump on the tramp. I'm excited for the kids
to finally get out! The walls were closing in on us.

Cole in his new Car Seat!

Sunday April 13, 2008
Just before Church started Richard and Cole got some
Nascar in. It was on Sat but it was recorded on the DVR
so Richard has to watch the end to see who won and look
who is sitting right next to him with a cute little grin!

Cole and Richard watching very closely.

Cole is in his new car seat! I can't believe he's
old enough to sit in one. Time is going by so fast but
loving every minute of it!

Cole is just chilling. He looked so cute for
church today he was wearing his plaid shorts
and polo shirt. Everyone said how cute he looked.
I bought tons of plaid shorts and they look like
Capri's on him. Poor kid going to be short like us!

Bailee got a new booster seat and she
LOVE'S IT!!!! She thinks she is so big now
cause she's not strapped in like her old car