Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Weekend Camping at Spencer 2009

For Memorial weekend it's become a tradition to go to Spencer. It was PACKED this year cause Island Park is covered in snow. We got there Thursday night and got our spot. If we would have came any later we would have been camping by the road. It was a great weekend good weather except Sunday but hey a little rain can't hurt right! The kids had a BLAST ridding there 4-wheeler's ALL weekend we couldn't get them off of them!

The guys and boys playing with there T-Maxx's.

What's a camping trip without paintball games. They guys had a blast and played all day Saturday and pretty much all day Sunday.

Cole LOVES pancakes. He hates cereal so he's always eating pancakes. He's enjoying one now while watching his daddy shot the other daddy's.

The kids painting rocks which turned out the mom's had a rock painting contest. They all turned cute and it was really fun.

Richard, Maddy, and Cole roasting marshmallows.

Cole was so cute he was just leading against the 4-wheeler watching Bailee and Kynna go around a 1,000 times wishing he was big enough to go.

Bailee showing off her hot stuff. They were so cute just ridding around thinking they were so BIG! If you notice she is standing up.

Here is a such a sexy picture of me, Cole, and Kayson.

I just love this picture of the girls. They couldn't be happier.

Richard is teaching Bailee and Cole how to chop wood...

And this is Richard getting hurt after Cole chopped the wood. Look at Cole's face he was laughing so hard when he hit Richard's foot!

Nana had the cutest craft project for the kids to keep them going when they were getting tired. The little notebooks turned out really cute and the kids LOVED them!

Yes, no helmets but they got them on very FAST! Bailee, Kynna, and Cole.

We were getting ready to leave camping and Cole was being so funny with his hat. He HATES hats but that day he wouldn't take it off and it had to be on the side. Such a funny kid! Thanks everyone for the great weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bailee's Preschool Graduation 2009

Bailee had Preschool Graduation from Poole of Learning on Wednesday the 20th of May. She was really cute job singing her songs that she learned. Thanks Grandma Taylor and Nana for coming out and supporting her on her big night!

Bailee and the kids saying the Humpty Dumpty.

Bailee by the pictures she drew of herself.

Bailee holding her diploma and flower's very proudly! Bailee we love you so much and were very proud to be your parents. Great job girl!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cole's 2nd Birthday!!!

Cole Richard Taylor
April 28th, 2007
7lbs 6oz 20 1/2inch's

Cole was born with dark brown curly hair. He's eyes were clear blue. He looked just like his daddy and still does to this day! He came into the world a happy baby and makes our home a better place. He has this spirit about him that calms our home and he is always making us laugh with his facial expressions and his BIG personality. He is the sweetest little boy unless you touch his trucks then its watch OUT! He LOVES trucks, trains, 4-wheeling, airplanes, balls, and FOOD!!! He just got a big bed and he thinks its so cool and even had no problems! Cole we love you so much and were very blessed your our son. We couldn't ask for a better little boy your such an angel! Cole has been sick for both of his birthdays. He has 2 BAD ear infections and horrible cold! Poor boy but we hope you had a great birthday! Thanks everyone for coming and spoiling our little stud!

Cole's birthday card. This picture was taken when he turned 1.

Cole feel asleep in the morning while we were getting ready for the party.

Bailee playing pin the tail.

Jordan's turn and of course he didn't peek! lol

Cole opened up some trucks and he was fine with that!

Cole got a new little trike for birthday cause he couldn't reach the pedals on Bailee's.

Cole blowing out the candle on Cars cake.

Ok just give me the cars for get about the cake man.

He got a new basketball hoop from Nana and Grandpa and us.

Richard's excited cause he can finally reach the pedals ha ha ha!!!

Cole was done! Poor kid couldn't enjoy his own party cause he didn't feel good at all! Thanks again everyone for coming we are so blessed to have wonderful families who have become true friends! It was so fun staying up late telling childhood stories while the kids played! Thanks again for all the wonderful gifts!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Las Vegas BABY!!!!

Richard had the week off and we didn't want to stay home with this cold weather. So we headed to Vegas for the week! There is a ton of pictures sorry I use this for my journal. Anyways we had a great time and the weather was perfect. I would not recommend staying in Circus Circus with kids I would stay at Treasure Island cause its in the middle of the strip. We had a busy week and weekend with Bailee's Dance Recital to Julie being in town. I need a vacation from my vacation now ha ha.

Bailee and Cole thinking the airplane is so cool!

Bailee and Richard being silly.

Bailee woke up and was ready to hit the strip! Man doesn't she look HOT!

The kids in front for Treasure Island.

The kids in the Mirage Hotel. Bailee manage to pee every 30 minutes in every single hotel. I think she planned it but man that sucked!

The kids in front of the Form Shops.

Cole's birthday was on Tuesday the 28th and he was so tired to eat, he fell asleep eating.

Bailee thinking she was so big standing up in the trans.

In the MGM they have a free tiger exhibit. It was pretty cool to have the tiger's sleeping above you.

In the Mandalay Bay Hotel they have a Shark Reef Aquarium which was exciting. The kids LOVED it and so did we. I would highly recommend going there if you have kids.

Cole, me, and Bailee was Mr. Yellow in front of M&M world.

Us on the bridge going over the strip.

Richard and Bailee looking over the bridge at the Venetian with Mirage Hotel in the back ground.

Us in front of the Plazzio don't we look so happy at 10:30 at night! We were so beat by then.

Bailee feel asleep on the way back to Circus Circus. We got back to the hotel and I said Bailee lets get your pj's on and she no in just a minute. She crawled into bed and was out before she could even change clothes. Poor kid!

Wednesday we took a day off and relaxed by the pool!

Bailee watching the Pirates Treasure Island.

Us in front of the Mirage waiting for the volcano's to go off.

Richard showing the kids Mr. Fuzzy.


Bailee was so brave to go on this ride and she kept going on it over and over.

Cole looks so drunk from his Icee drink.

Richard in heaven but wishing it was Gordon's car.

Look up at the Stratosphere Tower.

Of course I had to take a picture of the chapel and a couple walked out right when we pasted they just got married.

Cole fell asleep looking out the window!

And this sums up our week!