Thursday, October 30, 2008

FHE Carving Pumpkin's and Nana's and Grandpa's House!

Bailee and Cole starting the pumpkins, Cole the whole night would go around saying "Cheeeeeesssseee" to who ever had a camera, its getting such a cute personality.

Cole cleaning his pumpkin.

Picture of our crazy family.

Bailee cleaning her pumpkin, she wanted a "Nemo" pumpkin so bad it turned out cute if you look hard enough lol.

Cole wanted a cup cake and it had a spider on it, he couldn't get the spider out it was so funny he thinks he's pretty cute!

Bailee sitting with the pumpkins.

Kayson, Bailee, Kc, and Cole in the back saying "CHHEEEESSSEEEE"!

All the pumpkin's at the end! They turned out pretty good! It was such a fun night I love when we all get together and do fun stuff like that! Next week we are making Sucker's i'm way excited my sister used to make them all the time they were YUMMY!!!!Thanks Nana, for the yummy Sloppy Joes and the fun evening!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008




We noticed Daisy getting fatter and grumpy! We think she is due in the middle of November when our girls trip to Utah is. Which i'm glad cause I do NOT want to see her give birth it totaly grosses me OUT!!! If any of you had puppies before let us know how this whole thing works PLEASE!!!!

~Round 1!~

For FHE last Monday Tay brought out the boxing gloves. Bailee and Cole had a blast even though it looks like Cole got BEAT up but he won due to Tay's help!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

~Lily Pad Boutique~

Last year I made Bailee tutu's for dance. She LOVES them and plays dress up at home all year long. After a couple of my niece's saw the tutu's, they asked me to make them a couple also. Yesterday I made Bailee four more. Here is a some tutu's that I made yesterday and wondered if anyone wants one for their little sweet pea.

Lime Green/White Polka Dot

Back View

Yellow/Hot Pink Polka Dot

Hot Pink/White Polka Dot

Sage Green/Hot Pink

I can make more colors like chocolate brown with pink, black and white, hot pink/black/white,red and black, purple and green, purple and pink, anything you want! I can add flowers or any other idea you might have. The leg warmers will also match your colors. The cost of the tutu is $20 each and the leg warmers are $13. I also make matching bows for $7. You can purchase just the Tutu or add as you would like. I am working on shipping cost right now so please send me an email and I will let you know how much the shipping would be. Thanks and I will ship ASAP!
WATCH FOR MY NEW BLOG--Lily Pad Boutique!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cute Pictures of Cole

The other day I was cleaning the kitchen and looked outside and saw Cole just chill in out on the porch eating chips. It was so funny he turned and looked at me then went back to eating.

Tay finally built me shelves down in the storage room for Food Storage. I guess he got the hint when I left all the canned peach's and pear's on the counter so there was no room to put anything. Thank you so much TAY I LOVE THEM!!!! I told Cole lets go downstairs and put food away on the shelves so he went into the play and got the play food. It was so cute just love him!