Monday, September 29, 2008

Eaton Camping trip to Spencer

Thursday night everyone decided to go camping with us up to Spencer. We went kind of close for the wreckers but yet far enough from reality! Which turned out because they got a big wrecker call to Woverine. It was the perfect weekend besides all the bee stings! Almost everyone got stung those darn bee's were monsters!!! The fall weather up there was so beautiful and perfect that none of wanted to go back home.

Bailee and Cole are becoming such good friends and its cute watch them.

Tay giving Cole loves!

Maddy and Cole learning to get in trouble! There sitting on the back of Shawn and Tiff's trailer where there gas goes!

Tay teaching Bailee to shoot the paintball gun.

Isaac of course beating on Liz (dipping her in the Creek). Sorry Liz but you said "I Do" to him lol!

Bailee and Katelyn being stop signs for the 4-wheeler's.

Tay, Cole, and Daisy on the 4-wheeler look at Daisy paw closely she has it on Cole shoulder it was funny.

Kayon turned 3 on Saturday so we had a b-day party for him. Bailee hitting the pinata!

Such cuties!!!!

This is Cole at 1 in the morning going strong!!! Sorry the picture is blurry i was laying in bed and didn't want to get up (I know I'm lazy)!

Me and my monkey!

Bailee said "Mom look I built a hospital".

The kids LOVE Hagin! Thanks Hagin for playing with the kids that think your the BEST!!!

Pajama's at Preschool!

Friday was pajama day at Preschool. Dillon and Bailee had so much fun they thought it was so silly to wear pajama's to preschool and to take there pillow's and blankets. They got to watch Charlot's Web. THEY LOVED IT!

Plasma Babies!

Sherrey (mom-in-law) got me started on donating plasma twice a week for $200 extra a month and Bailee and Cole thinks is so awesome when I wear the wrap after wards. So the ladies at BioLife gave Bailee and Cole some wraps to play with. I put them on them and they thought it was so funny! Bailee wants to be a dr. so bad and so does Mckynna they both are going to be dr.s for Halloween!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cole and Maddie getting candy.

Nana and Grandpa with most of the grand kids

Dad's new Wrecker "Big Dawg" the rotator

Cole, Richard, and Bailee walking to Spud Day! It was and over all very tired, very frustrating, fun day! The derby was a blast went very well and had over 90 cars in it!!! Bigger then Blackfoot Fair!!! That is HUGE!!!! Thanks everyone for the fun day!

88th annual Shelley Spud Day!

Every year Shelley holds its annual Spud day the 3rd Saturday of September. It was a very cold rainy day. It poured rain on us during the parade but it was still fun. We had a lot of fun walking around chasing screaming tired kids. We couldn't wait to take them to the baby sitter's house while we went to the Derby.

Richard and Cole in the "mini wrecker".

Kaidance, Bailee, and Kynna riding with there Nana and Grandpa in the Hummer golf cart.

This is all of us before the parade started. Tiffany, Katelyn, and Kade not pictured due to Tiff is AlWAYS late! lol My mom got us all matching "Eaton Collision Center" shirts it was fun to wear them.

Cole and Richard watching the parade

Uncle Sam aka "Grandpa Eaton". He had done this for how many years now!?!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Monica's Baby Shower

Last night Annie and I carpooled down to Pocatello to Monica's baby shower. It was so much fun to catch up on everything that I realized how much I miss my friends from High School. When we get together its like we just pick right up and never missed a second!

Annie, Monican, Elsha, and me who looks like I'm off in la la land! Thank you so much for the fun night everyone! It was so good to everyone again!!!! Lets do it again! Good Luck Monica on becoming a new mom you'll love it and you and Josh will be such good parents!!! I love you guys!

What a fun day for Bailee!

Today at preschool Bailee made binoculars because they went on a nature walk to look for bugs! She had so much fun with them that her and Dillon explored all over the place!

I can see you!

Can you see me?

Then she headed to dance. She LOVES dance!

Then she went to Alyssa's party but I didn't get any pictures but she said she had a great time! Man I wish I could be 4 again and play play play!!!!

Tiffany took so many cute pictures of Bailee's party but my blog wont let me download them. So when Richard gets home I'll have him take a look and try to post them later tonight. Thank you so much Tiff they were so cute and I love Cole's little hands in the cake!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I can't believe my baby girl is 4! It makes me feel so OLD! Bailee was born on September 15, 2004. She weighed 7lbs 9oz! 20 1/2 inch's long!!! She was so beautiful and such a sweet little baby! I have loved every minute of being her mom and I'm so lucky she choose me to take care of her. I know were going to be best friends when she is older and its so fun to do stuff with her. She is such a fun and sweet little girl!!! I LOVE YOU BAILEE! Her are some fun pictures of her.

Getting ready for Bailee's Birthday!

The night before Bailee's Birthday party Bailee and I made her Ice cream sand which cake. She put the sprinkles on and wow did she put a LOT on!

Bailee loves the show Jon and Kate plus 8. We just watch one where they went camping in there back yard. Well Bailee wanted to go camping in our back yard but its getting so darn cold outside I said lets just sleep out in the living room. So we put on a movie on there and guess who fell asleep first....yup ME!

Before Bailee woke up I decorated her room with balloons. So when she woke up she knew it was it was her birthday! I did 4 balloon cause well she turn 4.

Sorry about the messy bed.

Look at my new Bike!!!

Bailee has wanted a bike for so long now. All her friends have bike's and she suck with her tricycle. So we thought its time to get her learning to ride a bike. She was so excited when she woke up and saw it out there!

This is Bailee showing off her new wheel's! Cole is begging for a ride!

I know I'm cute!

I sceam, you scream we all sceam for ICE CREAM!!!

Tiffany took so many cute pictures of Bailee's party but the disk wont let me download them to the blog. I wish I could show you them they are so CUTE of Bailee and some funny pictures of Cole. But I just happen to take a couple of pictures with my camera.

Bailee's cake...this is as crafty as I get sorry Bailee.

It's my party! It's my party! IT'S MY PARTY!

Bailee wanted to go to Blast off for her birthday party. It was a lot of fun with all of Bailee's family and friends. Here are some fun pictures.

Jordan and Bailee having fun dressing up.

Britton asked Jordan what he wanted to get Bailee for her birthday and he said "I want to get her flower". Ok what 4 year old says that! That was the sweetest thing Jordan thank you so much! Plus you did awesome on the Daisy's!

Does anyone know a wrecker guy who could tow me?


Landon and Cole are such buds they had so much fun threw the jungle gym.