Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spud Day 2009

Shelley's annual Spud Day was on September 19th. It was so FREAKING HOT! Holy cow I think everyone was dying of the heat. It was a lot of fun and all the kids were so good for being extremely hot. It was a great turn out of all the people. My dad had his wreckers in the parade so all the family got to be in it. The kids LOVED being on the hummer passing out treats. Although it think they ate more then they gave out!

Here is a family picture sorry I know I'm HUGE but I guess I needed 1 prego pic before I had the baby!

Most of the grand kids on the Hummer, Katelyn, Kynna, Sassy Mady, Cole, and Bailee. I love this picture.

Cole doing what he does best.....EATING!

Kayson and Cole practicing and being so cute!

Katelyn, Kynna, and Bailee they sure love each other!
All the grand kids but Hagin and Kc.
The kids during the parade.
Bailee and Cole on the rides. Cole was having such a great time I couldn't get a close up cause it was going to fast, but I think they guy stop the ride cause Cole didn't look so good in the end.
Richard won the kids a couple of frogs. Cole would NOT let anyone touch them.
Cole was so exhausted from the heat but he still won't but down the frogs.

Liz, Katelyn, and Bailee watching the Derby! Every year my dad runs the derby. Now its the whole family that does it. It's so much fun cause every year it gets bigger and bigger and Jessica does such an amazing job on organizing it as you all know she is VERY organized person! Everyone did awesome on helping and putting it together to make it a big success!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Princess Bailee!

Happy 5th Birthday Bailee! I can't believe its been 5 years! Bailee was born September 15, 2004 at 1:42 p.m. She weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 20 1/2 in long! It's kinda cool cause Cole was born in the same room Bailee was and was born at 1:42 a.m. Bailee has been such a blessing in our lives and I'm so very blessed to have her. She defiantly keeps us going and is FULL of life! She is a very loud and outgoing child lol. I love you so much Bailee and thank you for being my daughter! Your the greatest help and I appreciate all you have done to help me even though your only 5!

If you didn't know Bailee LOVES Hannah Montana. She loves to dance to her music and watch her shows. So we had a Hannah Montana Birthday Party for her.

Bailee showing off her new stuff.

Bailee opening up her new camera. Sorry its so dark I hate my camera. She always uses my camera and my card is always full. So she got her own and guess what yup her card is already full lol!

Bailee opening up more presents.

Were singing Happy Birthday to her and she was trying not to smile.

Her Hannah Montana Cake.

Grandpa Eaton went and sat out on the swing and almost all the grand kids went and jumped on. Thank you so much for everyone who came it was so much fun to have everyone in our tiny kitchen and living room. Yes, Richard finally said I think we need bigger house! THANK YOU FINALLY! Thanks for helping spoil Bailee on her special day and for bring goodies to share. We love you so much Bailee and were so glad your in our lives!

Bailee Dance's at Shelley's half-time football game

Bailee, Kynna, and Kaidance danced with the Topperette's at Shelley's football game. Katelyn was in Boise so she couldn't make it. The girls had such a BLAST! They thought they were so big cause they got to wear mascara lol. They were so cute to watch.

Amber, Bailee, and Kynna. Kc wasn't there yet to get in the picture.

I LOVE LOVE this picture it cracks me up! Look at Kynna and Bailee they are in the 1st row 2nd and 3rd in.

Great Job girls I loved how you shaked your bums lol!