Friday, March 13, 2009

SURPRISE we're EXPECTING baby #3!!!

Yes, we are expecting baby #3 in October! I know it forever away! Bailee has been telling everyone I'm having a girl before we even thought of trying. She said she wants the room downstairs so her baby sister can have the her room. Then Cole keeps lifting up his shirt point to his tummy and saying baby. We are VERY excited but I'm ready to be over the morning sickness. It's been very hard this time around cause with 2 kids and daycare kids there really isn't anytime to rest or even run to the bathroom. We usually don't tell anyone till I'm 10 weeks and have heard the heart beat but we can't keep it quiet any longer. We are probably going to be surprised this time around cause well we already have a boy and girl and to make it more exciting till the end. Our 6th year wedding anniversary in on Sunday I can't believe its been 6 years!!! I love you babe and thank you so much for being an AMAZING husband and father and for being my BEST FRIEND!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Richard got me these sticker's for the suburban at Christmas to tell me he wanted to try for another baby.