Wednesday, March 17, 2010

7 Years later...

I can NOT believe Richard and I was married 7 years ago! It has gone by so fast. I have loved being married to my best friend and wonderful husband! Richard is such a great dad and husband that I couldn't even imagine my life without him. We have accomplished so much in those 7 years that I'm excited to see what the next 100 bring! I love you babe thanks for all you do! I can't believe you chose me and I'm so grateful your all mine!
7 years later..
We went to Salt Lake for our anniversary and had an absolute BLAST! We slept ALL night long something I haven't done for a VERY long time lol! Thanks babe I love you so much and thanks mom and dad for staying up all night with the kiddo's!

Don't Pinch me cause I'm wearing GREEN!

Today was such a great day. Bailee was sooo excited about St. Patrick's Day cause in Preschool they have been learning a dance/song for it and was told to wear GREEN! Well Bailee made sure we all had green on so we wouldn't get PINCHED!

Bailee's preschool class showing off there St. Paddy's day hats.

This picture CRACKS me up! If you look close Crew is checking out Karli lol!

I came home from visiting teaching and this is what I find. Bailee and Katelyn were twins and Kade and Cole where being boys and bugging them.

Crew has a girlfriend at the daycare. He's such a stud muffin!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our new foundation!

My sister-in-law let Crew barrow her jumper. Crew LOVES it he just didn't feel good when he got in it. So Richard got him out but then he cried cause he wanted back in! Poor kid couldn't make up his mind! Crew is now 5 months old. He's mastered the rolling over just hates when he's stuck on his belly. He's trying so hard to sit on his own but he'll have it down soon enough. He's growing to darn fast!

Bailee wanted to take a pictures of us.

Here it is! Our NEW house! We are more then excited to have it finished but yet we have really enjoyed living by my parents (kids are down there ALL the time)lol! From this angle you can see the cold storage and where the theater room will be.

Richard is standing by the front door and the garage.

The garages.

I'll post more pictures soon.