Thursday, July 30, 2009

What! Another whole week in Island Park!

We got lucky enough to spend another week in Island Park. This time Richard got to be with us the whole week. We left Sunday evening after church to set up camp. Monday morning Richard parents Dean and Sherrey showed up with there camper. It was so nice to sit and relax the whole week and take 20 naps a day! The kids had so much fun they made the whole trip worth it!

Richard, Cole, and Bailee roasting marshmallows.

Cole's face just cracks me up! You might have to click on the picture to make it bigger to see.

Cole and Bailee wanted so badly to help peel potatoes and do you think Grandpa stopped them??? No way!

Richard was playing with the camera and kids! I just love Cole's hair here.

This is on top of Sawtelle Mountain looking over Island Park.

Dean, Richard, Sherrey, Bailee, and Cole at Big Springs.

Grandma and Cole.

So cute! The kids just LOVE when Richard gets the week off to be with them and NO school!

oh no the 2 trouble makers!

Richard playing with Cole and Elly.

Jordan and Bailee putting there feet in at Big Springs.

Cole, Bailee, and Jordan looking at the fish.

Sunday morning it was just our family so we decided to go on a long 4-wheeler ride. It was so fun not to care where we were and not have a time to be back. This is me and Bailee on the bridge somewhere in Island Park. Thanks for the great week can't wait to do it again next year!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Eaton Family Reunion in Island Park

The Eaton Family Reunion was at Sawetelle Mountain Resort in Island Park. It was so much fun to go up early and just be with family. It was nice to relax let the kids swim, eat so much that I'm afraid of my Dr.'s appointment on Wed, and lots of laughs with family. Be prepared lots of pictures!

Cole helping Grandpa get Grandpa and Grandma Eaton set up.

Whitney (Jeff's daughter) and Bailee. Bailee being a BIG girl!

This just cracks me up! I love how she's eating and talking to the girls.

Bailee and Cole playing with beach balls in the pool. Sorry its really blurry.

Mady, Bailee, Kynna, Cole, and Kaidance playing toys in Kynna's tent.

So after swimming one night I was in the shower and I heard some giggling. Jessica comes in and goes do you know Cole and Mady are showering together. So I got out and Liz opened the door and this is what we saw! For the rest of the week those two had to take shower's together. They become just good friends it was cute to hear them giggling all week.

All the girls in the hot tub.

Cole took one of Nana's apple's juice cans and would drink it set it next to him look at it then take another drink. Over and over then Mady came and sat by him and he goes "Want some" Mady goes "Yea" so he hands it to her then goes "Ok enough" lol. Kids are so darn cute!

Cole and Mady sorry blurry again but by the time I got to take another one they were gone.

We celebrated Kynna's 6th Birthday up there. Can you guess what she wanted??? Hannah Montana lol.

Bailee and Cole being silly with there cup cakes. Sorry forgot to use my flash.

Kayson and Cole have so many of the same clothes. It's so fun cause they have the same color of hair and are buddy's. I guess that's what happens when the mom's like Old Navy!

On Friday we went threw West Yellowstone. I haven't been there sense I was Bailee's age I think. I didn't realize it was at least an 8hr drive threw the whole park! It was so good to see the Park again. Here's us at the Falls.

The 2 trouble makers at Old Faithful.

Us just before it went off.

Bailee and Cole watching Old Faithful going off.

Cole telling me there's fishes.

Every morning Cole wakes up first and checks to see if Grandpa is outside yet. Once he sees him then he runs out him!

Our last stop on Sunday was to Mesa Falls on the way home. Can you tell by the looks of kids and there hair that we were DONE! Kids were tired and hot and so were the parents! It was such a fun week and I'm so glad we got to spend time with family. It was so good to see all those who came. Thanks everyone for an amazing week!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Weekend!

We had a great weekend visiting with family, friends, boating, and some yummy bbqing!

Friday night Richard took Bailee and I up on the roof to watch the fireworks that people were lighting off. I'm afraid of heights but I have been cliff jumping so many times in Lake Powell that you think being on the roof would be simple! HA! I thought I was going to a panic attack and Richard was so good to help me down right away. What a sissy! :(

Saturday Ryan and Britton took us out on the boat for water skiing and tubing. Cole and Bailee had a BLAST!

It's so hard to tell but in this picture is Me, Mindi with Bailee, Richard with Cole. Sorry its so far away the sun was shinning so bad you couldn't see a thing! Cole LOVED tubing in fact he almost fell asleep!
Jordan, Mindi with Elly, and Bailee. It was so cute to them giggling the whole time.

We headed over to our nieghbor's house for a BBQ and fireworks. It was so much fun to sit and relax and know we didn't have to fight traffic. Bailee went with my parents to the river to play with cousins. We had a perfect view of the River fireworks from our house which was very surprising!
Cole playing with the kids.

This is about 10 p.m. and Cole is fading very fast! He loved the fireworks this year. I can't believe another 4th of July has come and gone. This summer seems to be going to fast but were sure having a great time! Thanks Webbs for the great time and also Ryan and Britton for taking us out on the Lake!

Mr. Coleminator

This is Cole at Bailee's T-ball game. If you ask him to say "cheese" for you he turns his head but keeps his eyes on you. He has the cutest personality but we have started lately calling him Coleminator cause man he is such a BOY! If we have a boy again I sure hope he's just like Cole cause he's the easiest kid!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Richard's 10 year Hight School Reunion

My goodness I can't believe Richard has been graduated for 10 years! It just goes so FAST! As we were walking into the Shiloh Inn Friday night we both looked at each other and said were to young for this lol! Well the crazy weekend started Friday night at the Shiloh with a fancy dinner and dancing. It was a lot of fun I didn't realize how many people I would know. It was nice to get out with no kids and stay up till WHAT midnight! Yup I made it past 10 p.m. hehe.

On Saturday we had a lunch at the park with his class then we boating with Ryan and Britton.
Here is Richard, Erin (I want HALF her energy)!, and Mike.

A crazy shot of Cole and I.
Erin, Bailee, and yes me went tubing at 25 weeks prego but Ryan was an awesome driver and took us for a great time but yet very cautious! Thanks Ryan!

Cole showing of his yellow thumb!

Bailee at the park have a great time on the toys.

Richard rock climbing. Wow he's HOT!

Bailee and Elly sitting in a chair being to darn cute! Thanks everyone for the great time and for taking us boating! We want to go again!