Thursday, August 28, 2008

No more MONKEY'S jumping on the BED!

Cole discovered tonight his love to jump on the bed! I couldn't keep him out of Bailee's room to let her go to sleep. He was having a BLAST! We call him monkey cause he eats so many banana's and now he loves to jump on the bed! He is so stinking cute I just love this kid!

You just gotta love that smile!

Shopping with my Nana!

Nana told Bailee Tuesday night that is going to take Bailee on a one on one shopping for school clothes on Wednesday. BIG MISTAKE!!! Bailee wouldn't go to sleep, didn't want to go to preschool, and called Nana I believe over 10 times to see if she was coming, also called her dad to see if Nana was coming. If your going to take Bailee anywhere or do something fun with her you have to tell her 10 minutes before you do it or else your domed!

I forgot to take pictures before they left so you'll have to see Nana's blog(Rich + Dot). This is them coming back. I'm not sure what's going on the top of the picture but looks kind of cool....I guess.

Nana had to buy Banana's for Monkey. This kids no lie eats over 15 banana's a week!!!

Bailee showing off her CUTE new clothes. Plus she got some fun earring and neckless's!!! Thank you so much Nana for taking me out shopping. It was fun to eat at McDonalds with you and have a night to myself with you. Thank you so much I love you!!! Bailee

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2nd Day of Preschool!

So I had to take a picture and show you how cute Bailee looked for her 2nd day of Preschool. She picked this outfit out cause it looks like Hagin she said. She thinks Hagin is so AWESOME that
she has to be just like her. She is wearing a Hannah Montana t-shirt that is so cute, I personally can't stand Mylee Cyrus I think she is SO ANNOYING but hey I'm old now so what do I know right!
Bailee showing off her school work.
Ok she even knows how to poss now.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Preschool time ALREADY!?!

Bailee has waited for this moment since last year she saw the school bus going in front of our house everyday! She has talked and talked about Preschool. She woke up at 7 in the morning wanting to eat so she could go. She showered all by herself blew her hair dry and dressed herself cause she now a big girl. She makes me laugh.

Isn't she cute!

She loves this bag which I'm glad cause it works perfect.

Dillon and Bailee getting ready. I watch Dillon and we thought it would be easier if they went to the same Preschool so that they could walk together.

We lucked out so bad cause Bailee and Dillon just walk 5 houses down to her preschool and that way I don't have to leave the house with a bunch of Daycare kids.

Ok mom stop taking pictures. This is me trying not to cry and they got closer and closer. I'm so excited for Bailee but It makes me sad that she is growing up so FAST!!!!

It's Part of the Advanture! Camping at Palisades for a week!

We went Camping for a week up at Palisades for a week with Richard's parents. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I wish we could have stayed longer but Richard and Bailee starts school on Monday and well that thing called WORK! It was so good to spend a week with Sherrey and Dean to get to know them and teach them how we like to camp. They finally got to use their trailor for more then a day and well I think they liked it lol. We are going again next year but to Island Park. This pictures are in opposite order the end of the week is at the top. Ryan and Britton came on Friday and it was fun to have them. Bailee was so excited to finally have someone to play with thanks Jordan for keeping Bailee entertained.

Jordan and Bailee getting ready to go 4-wheeling and they had to put there goggles on Bailee's are her swimming goggles.

Bailee and Jordan playing in the Creek not Crick lol Britton!

Elly, Jordan, and Bailee eating at the kids table.

Richard and Ryan relaxing.

We went up to Jackson Hole on Thursday to look around and do some shopping. We went to the Granite Hot Springs and then to the Bar J Chuck Wagon. If your ever in Jackson you must go to the Bar J Chuck Wagon its the best food plus the entertainment is hilarious!

Cole LOVED the swings. He couldn't stop laughing.

Our little monkey. So now we have 2monkey's in our family. Bailee has climbed up everything sense she would walk. She climbed the rock wall all by herself! Cole eats at least 2 banana's a day!

This is pretty much the only naps Bailee and Cole took all week so I had to take a picture of them.

Bailee and Cole on the train at the Bar J Chuck Wagon.

Us at Jackson Hole under the Antlers.

Bailee and Cole were so scared of this bear.

Big Foot is real people just to let you know!

Bailee doing her disco moves with her coat on backwards.

We had to walk to the Hot Springs and Cole took off like he was a big boy and walked all by himself and didn't want anyone to help him.

Bailee doing her back stroke and still pointing her toes.

Cole saying I'm out of here!

The 3 swimming buddies.

Bailee keeping herself entertained by coloring and playing barbies.

these two were unseperable. I love Cole's face.

There we got him to smile.

What a silly family.

Bailee brought me some flowers.

Bailee painting rocks to keep the days not so long for her.

Bailee and Grandma Sherrey at Blow Out playing in the water.

Me and Bai having a fun time.

Sherrey, Bailee, Cole, and Richard playing.

Us again.

Bailee and Cole eating some pancakes.


Can I take Cole on the 4-wheeler? Umm......Sure, us in the back ground praying she will drive carefully.

Sherrey with Bailee.

Cole brought me some flower but he didn't want to give them to me. He thought they were pretty cool. Sorry there is so many picture's but we has such a fun week and I wanted to show you almost everything. Thank you so much Dean and Sherrey we had a lot of fun and thank Ryan and Britton for coming at the end. Thank Tay my love for the fun week and my kids for being so GOOD!!!!

Night games at the Baker's

Jeb and Jenny had everyone over to play night games. It was so much fun cause we played all the games that you do when your younger. Expect the only time it rains this summer is the night we want to play outside. So it ended the night fast!

Jeb and Richard teaching Dustin how to back flip.


My FAVORITE BOY'S EVER!!! Thanks Jenny for the yummy Cinnamon rolls and for the fun night! Lets do it again fast before the weather changes!

SURPRISE!!! Shower of Celeste

Us neighbor girls threw a surprise shower for Celeste. She is not due till the first of October but we wanted to do it early so she could see what she still needed to get. It was a lot of fun to just sit and talk about everyone experience of being pregnant and just to have girl conversation with out MEN! lol

We did a sign that says "Coming soon Baby Barron" out of diapers.

You think Bailee would miss the party? YEAH RIGHT!

Celeste opening up her presents. We did a book theme cause she was having 3 showers and we wanted her to get stuff that she would need. We all know books are expensive and with your first baby you never get books.

Celeste mother-in-law made this little blanket for baby Barron isn't it CUTE! Thank Trish for ALL YOUR HELP!!! It was so much fun that we all need to get together again and just sit and talk!