Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!!

So these pictures are dedicated to my cousin Emily Limdblom in Arizona. She loves the snow and due to her living enviroment she doesn't get much snow. So here are some pictures for you! It started to snow Sunday night and we have received 5 + inceases and its still snowing! I wish I could send you some but were enjoying all we can!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's beinging to look a lot like Christmas!

Bailee, Payton, Cole, and Landon wanted to go play out in the snow. Friday night it finally started to snow and real good snow storm. The guys have been very busy with wrecker calls which we are so grateful for but also the snow finally is making it feel like Christmas!

Bailee enjoying the fresh snow to eat!

She loves making snow angels.

This picture cracks me up reminds me of the movie "Christmas Story" when the mom bundles the little boy up to keep him warm.

Bailee, Landon, and Payton playing.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I just have to tell everyone sorry I blog A LOT! But I use mine as my journal so Richard put's it on disk's for me. So if you think i'm weird cause I blog alot well that is the reason why. Thanks, Crystal

HApPy 12th bIRthDAy HAgIn!

Jessica was leaving for Utah this last weekend and ask if I could help her out with Hagin's birthday party. I said sure no problem. So Saturday at 1:30 I picked the girls up and we went to the mall for a couple of hours. Then we went and grabbed some pizza's then headed home. We had a very entertaining evening. We played Guitar Hero, Dance Revolution, and few games on the Wii, watched Twilight, and Four Christmas's. We had such a great time it was fun to be with Hagin and her friends. Richard enjoyed having someone to play Wii with that is actually good compaired to well me! Bailee thought it was the "Coolest" thing ever she said cause she got to have Hagin with all her friends sleep over plus Mckynna! Here is some fun pictures of the night.

~Lincoln 4th Ward Christmas Party~

This year for the ward Christmas Party the Primary did the Nativity song and acted it out. They did a cute job and our Primary is so big they had a hard time putting all the kids in. So all the smaller kids were Angels which Bailee LOVED! She had to wear her white Angel dress to the dinner which I knew she would get dinner on. "No mom I won't I promise" yeah right. Well needless to say yes she got dessert all over! Oh well she still was the cutest little thing out there!

My baby Cole is not a baby anymore!

I started to watch Jake and Heather Currnut's kids and their baby Megan was crying. Well Cole went and got her bottle and put it in her mouth before I could get to her. So yup my little boy is not so little anymore!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy 28 Tay Tay!!!

I just wanted to wish my best friend and my wonderful hubby a Happy Birthday! We love you so much and so blessed to have you as a husband and father to our children! Thank you for everything!

Sorry this is the only picture I have that is curent of him I have recently lost my SD card and I'm sick that I can't find it!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday night we headed way down yonder to Shelley to stay at my parents house so that we weren't going back and forth even though gas price's are getting lower it still saved us money just staying there. Wednesday night we stayed up late playing games and eating treats. Then Isaac wanted a sleep over at his house with the kids (don't ask me why) but it was really nice of them. The kids had a ball. Then Thursday morning all the guys when shooting leaving the women to cook and take care of the kids (imagine that lol). It was such a fun weekend especially standing in line for 2 hrs Friday morning for Target. Me and Jess got to know each other pretty darn good lol. Thanks for the great time everyone and for letting us stay mom and dad!

Cole thinks he's so funny doing his new trick the splits.

Bailee being sweet!

Nana and Bailee, looks like Bailee is drinking beer but its root beer.

Cole wanted to play card with us the whole night!

Cole and Maddie, eating AGAIN! Those 2 are the little piggy's in the family!

Bailee, Kynna, and Katelyn drinking root beer and getting a little crazy!

Maddi, Kayson, and Cole helping Nana getting ready for Thanksgiving!

I'm so glad when Daddy come's HOME!

Richard got home from work last Monday night and he doesn't get home till late every night around 7ish now. So the kids are always excited to see him walk threw the door! This time Richard barly got in the door sat down to take his shoes off and Bailee and Cole jumped in his arms! I'm so glad they love there daddy!

Cole's new obsession!

Cole's favorite thing now is to drive! He loves to drive anytime that he doesn't have to be in a car seat which is only to and from church. He thinks its so funny he just giggles and giggles its so cute!

Richard, Bailee, and Cole all driving! Needless to say yes we were ALL over the road!

Bailee taking a turn and she is getting better and better which is a good sign!

Cole loves to honk the horn!

Cole driving...could that smile get any bigger lol!

Cole practing 10 and 2 good job bud!