Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crazy 3 weeks!

Crew is 3 weeks old already I can't believe it! It's going so fast but keeping us super busy. We have pretty much adjusted to having 3 kids it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but its still a challenge to get out the door on time. Crew is such a good little boy. He only wakes up once a night to eat which is good. His sister just LOVES him. He's always in her arms. She is a wonderful help with Crew and also Cole.

This is where Crew has been the past 3 weeks....Bailee's arms!

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch. They had so much fun playing they didn't even care what pumpkin they got.

It looks so cold and yes the kids don't have coats on but it was really nice out which we were glad!

Bailee, Kynna, and Kaidance.

These guys are becoming best friends.

Yes, Cole and Mady r BEST FRIENDS!

Family picture without Crew. He got stuck in the car.

Cole mastered potty training without any problems! It took 2 weeks to fully get him going poop in the potty and once he figured it out he got to choose a prize. So he chose a remote control car and he LOVES it. It's so cute to watch him play it. Our poor walls will never be the same!

I think I have 20 pictures of Bailee cuddling with Crew.

Richard and Crew watching Nascar.

Us having a lazy day.

Kc just loves Crew she always asks to hold him.

Crew is definitely our little chubby monkey.

My cousin got back from his mission and the kids were outside playing in the leaves.

Crew meeting papa Anderson.

Crew getting loves from Granny Anderson.

FHE at Nana's house and we carved our pumpkins. Cole was doing an awesome job on marking up his pumpkin making it hard for us to know where to carve.

The kids piled on the chair to hear a scary story. Look closely you can see Mady's head poking out behind kayson lol! We have loved having baby Crew in our home. He is such a sweet little boy and I can't get enough of him! Thanks everyone for helping us out we are so very grateful!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's a BOY!

Crew William Taylor
October 4th, 2009
8lbs 20 1/2 in.
I started to have contractions around 2:30 in the afternoon on Sunday. Since Thursday I really didn't feel any movement and was started to get really worried. On Sunday I felt like something was not right so during conference I just went into my room and said a prayer that if something is wrong please let me go into labor to have this baby. Right then I started to have contractions about 5 min apart and then they grew closer and closer. We went and dropped the kids off to my parents and Richard and my dad gave me a blessing. We checked into the hospital at 7 and Crew was born at 9:20p.m. Ok so I decided this time around I wanted to try without an epidural and no pain meds. It wasn't so bad until the baby started to come out and then holy crap yes it hurt like HELL to tell ya the truth! I started to hyperventilate and lost all feeling in both my arms and couldn't move my fingers. Richard would try to make my hand into a fist and hands would just straight back out it was so crazy. We'll when Crew started to make his entrance Dr. C all of sudden says "STOP PUSHING get her to STOP PUSHING!" Crew had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck 3x and it was TIGHT! Dr. C was working as fast as he could to get those cords off. Right then I knew Heavenly Father had answered my prayer and that is why I didn't feel movement. He was so BLUE and his face was so swollen that we were all worried for a long time. Everything is all good now and he's doing PERFECT!

Richard couching me on my breathing.

This pictures doesn't even do justice on how blue and swollen his face was!

Me holding him for the 1st time. I do smile but I hate how swollen my lips are and it makes my face look twice as fat! lol

Grandma Sherrey holding Crew.

Aunt Jess

Richard giving Crew his 1st bath. He gave all 3 kids there 1st baths.

We were lucky Mountain View wasn't busy Sunday night and we got room #4 where Bailee and Cole were born. So now all 3 kids were born in the same room. I know I'm weird.

Crew with his eyes wide open.

So precious!

Can you say PROUD!

Bailee meeting Crew for the 1st time. She got over quickly that he wasn't a girl and is very happy to have another little brother.

Umm just a "LITTLE" excited lol!

I just love this pictures. My 3 beautiful children! I'm so blessed!

I love this one too! The kisses haven't stopped sense.

Bailee laying down with Crew taking it easy.

Crew getting ready to head home! WAHOO!

Right when we got home he had an explosion with poop and peeing all over himself. So I just gave up and gave him a bath! Welcome home Crew!

And this is where Crew has been sense Bailee has been home! In her arms. She is such a great help and a wonderful big sister! Thank you so much mom for all your wonderful help with Bailee and Cole. We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you also for the wonderful gifts from you Jess and Liz. Thank you so much to everyone who also helped out and for all the wonderful people who are bringing us food. We love you all and were so grateful for our new little "Crew". We just love him and so blessed to have him in our life!

Becoming best friends!

Bailee and Cole have become really good friends lately. I haven't been watching as many kids and so its been nice to have a couple of days off during the week. Bailee and Cole have learned wow now we have to play with each other and hey your kinda fun! They are so cute and I love them so much!

This is Saturday during Conference they put on a puppet show for us!

We bought this toilet seat for Bailee and Cole to use when we are places that are "NOT" so nice! We just took it out of the box it hasn't been used yet so don't worry its clean!

It's been so cold lately that we've had to put on winter coats. They are outside drawing with chock and yes Cole would NOT put pants on for the life of him darn kid!

Bailee giving Cole a ride. He just loves his big sister! I'm so glad these two are starting to become such great friends! Yes, they still fight like brother and sister but hey the good moments ALWAYS over ride the bad!