Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Water Babies!

This month has been a little slow for us, Richard has started back up in school but takes another break in a couple of weeks. The next couple of posts are what we have been up to lately. We bought the kids a little pool and sprinkler and they have LOVED it! Cole has been in the pool everyday that he can from 8am-8:30pm NO LIE! Just before we left to church on Sunday we got him dressed in his church clothes and the next thing we know it he's in the pool! Luckily we got him dried in time! I didn't get a picture cause by the time I ran for the camera he was out.

Bailee saying Hi and yes its only 8:30 in the morning and 45 degree's outside!

But that doesn't stop them!

Let's get out of the HOUSE!

As we all know the month of June has just been rainy everyday. The kids are so sick of being stuck in the house from winter and now from the rain. So a bunch of us mom have been going to the school for FREE lunch for the kids and then letting then play on the play ground. It has been WONDERFUL I don't have to cook or clean up the kids get to get out and run and have a new setting for over a good hour. Sadly it ends this week I think we all teared up and thought now what you want us to start cooking again lol. It's been great!

Kids love playing on the big play ground! Can't wait till they start doing it again!

Happy Father's Day!

On Tuesday the week of Father's Day we went down to Blackfoot to eat lunch with Richard. The kids LOVED it! As you can tell by the pictures Bailee and Cole wouldn't let Richard go! It was a nice break not having kids crawl all over me this time!

Tuesday night we went to the LAME-O circus! They didn't even have animals this year! Except old ladies in short skirts dancing with poodles! YUCK! LoL

On Sunday for father's day we went to both grandparents house. At Nana's and Grandpa's all the kids were playing dress up. Well apparently Cole felt left out so he went and joined them and came out so PROUD in a BLUE skirt. He was laughing so hard that the whole room just busted up in laughter cause he was so cute! Sorry the pic is so fuzzy! Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's and grandpa's out there! We love you and appreciate all your hard work. We love you Tay daddy and thanks for being the best!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's official we put the house up for sale yesterday. Richard is almost done with school and so we are just trying to get ready in case we need to move out of state. We hope it sells with the market theses days but if not we will just try again next year. So wish us LUCK!

Daisy's Puppies

Daisy had her 2 little puppies on Thursday. They are so cute and small! Sadly the brown one died Monday night but I think it had problems and was suffering. So it was a good thing for him to go. The white one is a girl and Sherrey has already taken clam to her. But well see if Dean lets her haha. Anyways besides the brown one Daisy and the little girl are doing great!

Bailee and Cole woke up Friday like it was Christmas morning they were so excited the puppies finally came! It will be fun to keep having more puppies in the house!

UP! UP! and AWAY!!

We took the kids to the movie "UP" on Saturday to the 3D one and it was AWESOME! The movie is really cute but also VERY sad! The kids had a blast with the glasses. Cole was sitting on my lap at first and if something jump out he would jump really high cause he thought it was coming at it him. It was a fun time!

It was late in the afternoon and Bailee just couldn't keep her eyes open.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bailee's 1st Game at T-Ball

Bailee started T-Ball yesterday and I must it was the CUTEST most funniest thing I have ever seen. Those kids were so funny to watch that I can't wait till tomorrow for her next game.

Bailee sitting with her team. They are call the Lime Heads lol!

Bailee up to bat she hit the ball and it went far I was impressed but she ran to the ball picked it up and threw it right to the 1st baseman. I was laughing so hard cause she's just helped her self get out. They don't call out though and she learn very fast that she doesn't do that. I love you girl!

Bailee running to 3rd base.

Bailee is playing second baseman just like her mom was!

Cole got tired of sitting on the sidelines so he went out on the field to help out Dillon. They said he was fine standing out there so he did! Awesome job Bai I was so proud of you and thanks for the good laughs!

Lincoln 4th Ward Campout

We did the ward camp out for the 1st time it was pretty fun. We went up to Falls Creek which was beautiful! I would love to go back and camp there again. Richard did an awesome job serenading everyone with the guitar around the campfire and daisy was a hit with how cute she is.

Here is Bailee being shy for some crazy reason.
Cole was the leader but not for every long till they realized he had no idea where he was going. He thought it was pretty fun though.

Right when we got home Bailee and Kade were jumping on the tramp with the sprinkler's cause it was finally nice and warm enough to get wet!