Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bailee's Surgery at Mountain View Hospital

Bailee has surgery today 13th at Mountain View Hospital at 8:30 in the morning. She had her tonsils and adenoids taken out. Then she had one tooth capped and two other teeth cemented. She did AWESOME once she was drugged! It was so nice to have Richard take the day off and help us. My mom came also to help with Cole and of course Bailee wanted her there. Sherrey wished she could have been there but due to work she couldn't get it off. Cole was so cute, of course he ate all he could, played and played trucks, and then he was ready for a nap at 9! Yeah, it was not fun but he did so good for waiting as long as he did! Sorry all the pictures are backwards.

Bailee is home now and all she wanted to do was lay down and watch toons while she ate grapes. I think we have watched the Tinker Bell movie at least 5 times now AAAHHH!!!!

Cole wanted to lay down just like Bailee, he brought out a pillow and his blanket. Bailee loved it cause he kept her company!

You can't really tell but she is grabbing her surgical hat if that is what its called and pulling it back and forth from her head. We all busted up laughing when we saw her doing it.

This is the part where mom starts cry cause her baby is going into surgery and it's out of her control. Its very comforting to know that when your talking to your Dr. in the room and you can see that he is wearing garments. It is for me at least.

Bailee wouldn't settle down so they gave her some "Special juice" oh man I wish I had some of that for home! She was so funny we couldn't stop laughing. She lifted up her arm looked at it and goes "What's that" and I said "It's your arm" and she giggled and said "Ohhhhhh". Then she was making piggy sounds and wrinking her nose. It was cute, I just wish I had some of that at home for her lol!

Cole found a red wagoon and just had to sit and play in it. At least it kept him happy for 5 minutes.

Bailee is covered with her blanket, her doggy, the hospital gave her a teddy bear plus all the hospital stuff! She is so funny, they just laughed when they saw her.

Bailee getting ready for the nurses to come and take her :(

Cole once again laying by Bailee cause he was worried about her.

Cole finally got over Bailee's bed and grabbed Bailee's hand when she was getting sad. It was so cute, then she had to let go for a minute and then he grabbed her hand again and held it for so long. He sure does take after his dad on being a sweet heart!

Cole was getting worried for Bailee and he kept climbing on her bed to get to her.
Bailee is starting to realize what is going on and is not happy about it!
The nurse giving Bailee her gown.

Bailee got a new puppy from Nana names "Spunky" she was so excited!

Bailee and Daddy reading a book before surgery.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bailee's visit to the Dentist Office!

Bailee has a bad cavity so we went to Dr. Randy Smith office in Idaho Falls. He was very nice and so good with Bailee. I recommend him 100% to anyone with children. Bailee got to lay on the chair and watch Beauty and the Beast with headphones. As you can see Cole got a little jealous and had to join her on the chair. I hope he remembers this when he has to go in. Bailee has surgery on Tuesday to get her cavity fix and her tonsils and adenoids taken out. Any advice on how to help her when we get home??? I'm very nervous for her and hope everything goes smoothly!

Rockin like my Daddy!

My niece Hagin gave Bailee this cute guitar for Christmas. Bailee was so excited to run home and show her daddy! She called at least 10 times on the phone that day to tell him what she got. So when Richard got home, he went downstairs got his and started to teach Bailee how to play. It's been so cute to watch them play even though it's mainly Richard its still cute that Bailee is picking up on fast!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008!

I can't believe how fast Christmas came and went this year! It didn't feel like Christmas till the day of when the kids were opening presents. I love this time of year and the spirit it brings to everyone. The true meaning of Christmas is so beautiful and the feelings we get is amazing! Shawn and Tiffany had a party at there house Christmas Eve and it was so much fun! It was a perfect way to get in the spirit and mood for Christmas Day! Thank you so much for letting us come and party with you!

Bailee's Santa gift. Richard built this barbie house for Bailee then I have been stuck in the laundry painting this thing for the past month! It took a little longer then I thought to finish it but it turned out so cute. I'll take a picture when its all set up with the stuff to go inside of it.

Cole's Santa gifts

Cole and Richard with there new pj's!

Letter to Santa from Bailee and Cole.

Bailee putting out milk and cookies for Santa.

Bailee opening up her new pj's.

Richard trying to draw....um were not sure what he is drawing to tell ya the truth! He is still in his work clothes, he got off of work at 8:30 at night!

Cole and Kayson being boys and playing trucks!

Grandpa showing off Nana's new nightie.

Nana and Grandpa opening there gift from the kids. We all went in and got them a night and the Black Swan Inn and a date package for that night. They seemed to excited for it which made us all very nervous! lol

Jess and Cole having fun!

~Merry Christmas~ (Christmas Day)

We had such a wonderful Christmas morning at home! It was such an amazing morning when the kids woke up and were so excited to see what Santa brought. It was so fun to play Santa and to think back to when I was little and remember the excitement I had laying in bed waiting to her Santa come. It was so fun to watch it being pasted on to my kids.

The kids out see what Santa brought!

"Mom look Santa ate all the cookies and drank all the milk, he must have been really hungry!"

Cole playing with his Semi, he opened up some tools and told us NO! So Richard ran and put the tools back in the closet for next year lol! All he wanted was trucks this year!

Bailee in her barbie house! She LOVED it!

Bailee couldn't be happier right now!

Cole loved his BIG dump truck! Every time he opened up a new truck he would say "WOW" it was the cutest thing ever! He had us laughing all morning! "WOW"!

Cole ran and gave Richard hugs its was the cutest thing ever!

Richard and Bailee having a sweet moment!

Me, Bailee, and Cole! What they want a picture with ME!?!

Bailee didn't move to far from her barbie house ALL day! She loved the new hat Santa brought.

Cole by the Christmas tree!

Cole showing off his new clothes! HOT STUFF MAN!

Happy New YEAR! 2009!

We had a wonderful New Year's Eve party and Cole even made it to midnight! Well he did take a 2 hour nap of course! Our neighbor's came over and we played Wii and games and of course ATE more then your stomach can handle!

Cole welcoming in the New Year with the hard stuff! (apple juice)!

Richard and Cole celebrating!

Cole wanting more food even at midnight! It was such a fun night thanks everyone for coming!