Monday, December 31, 2007

Cole is Crawling!!!

YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! Cole gave us a little late
Christmas present. On his eight month Dec 28, 2007 he just decided
crawl. I was home with Bailee and Cole cause Richard
was on a wrecker call. I put Cole down on the floor for just
a second and he moved each hand 2 twice. I was so
excited I called everyone. My back is in Heaven now!!


Sorry my camera is not good, I need to get another
one. This is Cole crawling to me.

Richard is taking a blanket and covering there faces
when he pulls it off both of them just giggly. It was cute.
Yup, he's into everything now!
oops got caught in the garage.

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning 2007,
Bailee wanted a computer so bad, but we thought
for right now she would like this V-Smile game.
She loved it when she saw it! Plus all her princess

Cole got a Tonka truck to play on in a couple of months.
We figured in a month or two in will want to play
with some big boy toys.

Bailee is still trying to register what is going on but
loving every minute of it.

Cole well you can just tell by his eyes WOW!

Cole trying to open by himself.

Such a q-t!

Bailee loves her flower towel. She wore it all morning.

We went out to the Taylor's house around 2:30
and we tried to get all the kids together smiling.
Well this is what we got.

Family picture at the Taylor's house.

K, this was a moment that will never happen again.
When all the grand kids get together at Nana's house
its complete chaos. The kids think there at Disney Land or
something and that they can just run and scream. Well
Nana was getting ready to give them there Christmas gifts
and they all just went dead silent for like 5 minutes. None of us
parents didn't know what to do. It was the most beautiful thing
in the world to hear silence. Well that didn't last long till
Nana gave them there drawing boards.

This is Bailee opening up the markers and crayon,
and chock for the boards.

Well after they opened up there gifts, I forgot my camera
but Nana and grandpa gave us parents for our gift
tons and tons of Food Storage. It was the greatest gift
ever. Like Cream of chicken, toilet paper, paper towels,
everything it was WONDER FULL!!!!
Thanks Nana, Grandpa, Grandma Taylor, Grandpa Taylor,
Paula, Mike, Julie, Ted, Britton, Liz, Isaac, and to all of those
who gave us gifts. Wow, it was such a wonderful Christmas to have
our new baby boy Cole and our little princess Bailee. I love Christmas
and the meaning of it. I love getting together with family and friends to play
games and eat lots of yummy foods. Cj even though it was your last
Christmas home for 2 years and you had a kidney stone and Strep throat, plus go
to the hospital I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you Richard for
our wonderful family gift, and for being the greatest husband EVER!!! I love you tons
and am thankful for all your hard work you do for our family. Thank
again to everyone, Love you all Crystal

Christmas Eve at Nana and Grandpa's house.

Christmas Eve, 2007
We were suppost to go to Shawn and
Tiffany's house in Blackfoot for Christmas Eve party.
But we got the storm of the year that day. We were so
disappointed that we couldn't go cause they
had worked so hard for the party. So we will have
another party soon at there house. We got over 8"
of snow in one day. It was the best ever! But
due to the road and the 1,000 wrecker calls
everyone was getting we couldn't make it.
So we stayed at Nana's and Granpa's house
and played games. Ate yummy fating foods.
Bailee put on the stocking and was wearing
them around the house. She's a silly
little thing.

Nana and Grandpa get everyone new PJ's to open
Christmas Eve. The kids were so excited to open

Bailee and McKynna opened up everyones for them,
as you can see there opening Coles for him.

Cole is trying to sick it out but he can't keep his
eyes open any longer. Did I say Cole I ment Richard.

Bailee with her finger in her mouth again.

Here is all the kids except Katelyn in the picture.

Kc is hiding behind Cole.

Bailee, Nana, and Hagin. Nana is reading the Night
Before Christmas book to them.

Santa wrote to Hagin, Bailee, and Kc, but forgot Cole.
How sad oops Santa gosh can't you get it right at
1 in the morning!

Cole getting into the presents

We had the kids picture taken before christmas to
give to nana and grandpa. The lady cut and pasted
the kids in, it turned out cute. Richard made the frame
2 nights before Christmas. It turned out so good. Sorry
I don't have a finished picture of it. This picture only shows
it half way done.

Cole is getting into the presents.

Cole tore open the present. But Richard didn't
believe me. Well I have proof.

He just saw that he got cought.H

He's so cute.

Christmas Party at Great Grandma Eaton's House

Great Grandma Eaton had a Christmas party
and had santa come, it was so fun for the kids.
Here's Isaac and Liz's famiy with Santa.

Most of the greatgrandkids with Santa.

Our family, bailee looks frecked out!

Santa walked in the door and Bailee went running
for him.

Bailee asking for her Computer, she wants
one so bad to do her homework on it like her dad.

Cole is so excited can you tell.

Now's he's happy he has something in his mouth.

Santa sat on Shawn's lap instead, Shawns face is a little
red due to the little extra weight santa put on this year.

Cole thinks he's so funny!

Cole thinks its so funny when he arches he back
and makes his car seat fall back. He's always
trying to get out of the thing.

He was giggling so hard it was cute, but Christmas
eve he did it and he got in trouble cause we weren't
in the room and he got stuck.

CJ's mission Call

December 4, 2007
Cj is opening up his envelope and shaking
so bad, it was cute. Mom is in the back crying,
what she has done all month. She's sad to see
her baby leave.

Cj is on the phone with Granny and Isaac is on the phone
with Richard.

He just read Yekaternburg, Russia. Everyone
started to scream then realized he just
said Russia. Some people in Shelley just got back
from that mission and said its the best
mission ever. Its really hot in the summer
and really cold in the winter. Its very
beautiful in the area he's going to. They do baptize
in that area. And the women I guess are
very pretty and always naked. So he said he will look once not twice,
but can't promise he wont walk around the block 20 times lol.
He was totally kidding when he said it, with is fingers crossed. They
also said its very safe too. Which mom was happy to hear.