Monday, June 30, 2008

BBQ at the Taylor's!

We decided to do a BBQ to welcome Jordan, Brooke, and Josh in to town. They came up early from Arizona to hang out. So we played some volleyball and had a BBQ. It was a lot of fun but it was hot so we let the kids run threw the sprinklers while the adult got down to business.

Kc and Cole not sure if they want to go in.
Bailee and Kynna left for a little bit inside and came outside looking like this! Yup they got into Bailee's play makeup and wow lets hope they better at putting it on before they get older.
Merry Christmas Bailee and Cole. Yes, Christmas does come in June. My cousin Josh builds ATV's and he brought up 4 mini 4-wheeler's for the kids. Bailee and Cole did the purple and blue one to share. They are so fun. Thanks Josh for driving all this way for us!!

Come on dad when do I get to drive :(
Yes, dad got off its my turn baby!

Bailee's 1st Sleep Over

Bailee really has never had any of her friends or cousin's sleep over. After the BBQ Bailee wanted all the girls to stay. Well most of them had already left to go home and Kynna and Taylor were still here. So we thought it would be fun for them to stay. Richard was so cute with them he played with them, watch a movie with them, read them a bed time story, and then he had them say their prays. Thank Richard for you help with them.

Bailee, Taylor, and Kynna, all trying to get Richard.

Watching a movie on the wall.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anderson Family Reunion

Anderson Family Reunion June 26-29th,
WoW!!! What an awesome week! When the Anderson's get together its story telling, game playing, belly hurt in from laughing so hard, more then you should eat, crazy loving time. We had so much fun up at Sawtelle Resort for the Anderson Reunion. When we all get together the time is just to short and then its see you in 2 years! I hate that I wish we all lived closer together. We had families come from Northern Idaho to Arizona to Georgia. Thank everyone its was fun to see you all again!

Bailee, me, and Richard getting ready to go canoeing.

Katelyn, Me, Hagin, Tailie, Bailee, and Richard leaving the shore.

Bailee feel asleep like this :(.

Cole found Papa's hat.

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles, Cole loves Bubbles.

Kc's birthday was Sunday so we had a party Saturday night. Happy 3rd Birthday KC!!!
Bailee, Cole, and Shawn swimming.

Its a tradition to play cups (spoons) when we all get together. We always stay up past 1:30-2 every time playing games.

The kids starting there own tradition on playing games.

Eaton's family pictures all of us except Cj.

Wow is this what happens when 2 people don't have a tv in there bedroom lol J/k!!!!

Cole was so tired during pictures and he's giving me loves. It was such a fun weekend thanks to everyone for coming all that way and for Hanson's to prepare for us. See you all in 2 years :(!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Blogging Help!

Hey I was wondering if anyone knew how to change your template the back ground to your blogs without losing your side information like links and that type of stuff? I want to switch my back ground but also don't want to spend 20 hrs. trying to re due stuff. Thanks!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


"YOU DID WHAT"!!!! Were Richard's exact words when we showed him Bailee's ears after we got them pierced!!! Bailee and I wanted to surprise him and umm... apparently it didn't go so well. Other then that Bailee loves them. She picked out the pink diamond ones. She looks so cute with them I can't believe I didn't do it earlier. Cute ear's Bailee!!!

She was so brave she didn't even cry she just smiled and held my hand tight. It was so fun spending the day with her and Cole.

Emma Smith

For Enrichment Night we celebrated Relief Society's Birthday. It was so much fun we ate like pioneers did and then we did a little roll play. I got to be so lucky and was Emma Smith. She was amazing women and there was no way I could have lived back then.

All of us posing in our gorgeous outfits!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

We finally had a perfect day outside so when Bailee and Cole woke up I mowed lawns and put the sprinkler out for them. They loved it! Wait didn't it just snow like 4 day's earlier? Idaho such crazy weather!
Bailee is helping Cole out, I love when they play together and all you hear is giggling and laughter.

Purse Tag!

I got tagged pursed by my mom. I bought this purse/diaper bag at Maurice's. I love it, it holds everything for me.

What is in my messy purse....Cole's diapers, Kleenex's, free lunch to TGIF, Wipes, sun glasses that I can't wear cause they have some type of oil on them, wallet, Cole's toy, Bailee's 3 nail polishes lol same as Brooke, Cole's apple juice (just in case), cell phone, Bailee and Cole's treats for when we shop to keep them quiet, lip gloss, Bai's chap stick, gum, band aids, mints, paper and pen, receipt to Low's to take back our dead tree. Bailee's head band and usually my camera but need it to take the picture. That's all in my purse now i tag Jacque, Trish, and Celeste.

Father's Day!

oops...its it Father's Day or Mother's Day?

Cole made Kade no Cole

Sorry my mom has the same picture's on her blog of Cole on the golf cart but i think they are so cute.

Wow this is awesome.

Must be a ford.

Yup...its a ford.

Thanks Peterson's for the fun day....Good luck Jessie on the mission you'll do awesome!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Elly

Happy Bithday Elly!!!
Elly turned 2 on Friday the 13th!!! Something so sweet came on a day so scary lol J/k. Happy Birthday Elly we love you!!!

Little Elly...Elly is Richard's twin brothers little girl.

Alyssa and Bailee

Cole and Jordan mowing the lawn.

What a stud!!!

Sami, Alyssa, Bailee, Cole, and Coleman all hanging out on the swing
Thanks Ryan and Britton for the fun night and yummy BBQ. Your house is beautiful you did a good job picking it out!.

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there!!!

To my wonderful father,
I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for being the greatest father in the WORLD!!! You have taught me so much in life and I'm so blessed you have you as my dad. You are such a wonderful grandpa to my children who love you so much. Thank you for being such a great example to me and for showing me that hard work pays off. I loved growing up and going to all the Young Women's/Men's activities with you. It was so fun going to stake dances and having you there. Thank you for all the cruises and Lake Powell trips! Thank you for showing me how to water ski. Mom you also help with those and thank you. Thank you for showing me your love for the church and your testimony means so much to me. Thank you for always fixing me up a super duper nice car/truck for me in high school. I was so proud to show off what my dad made me. Thank you for always helping me and Richard out when we needed it. Your the greatest dad/grandpa ever and WE LOVE YOU!!!
From all of us THANK YOU!!!!
To my wonderful/handsome husband,
Thank you for being the greatest husband a girl could only hope for. Thank you for being such a wonderful father to our children. Thank you for giving me the cutest kids ever!!! You are so patient and loving with them. Thank you for showing your love for life to them. You are always teaching us and showing us how to do things and were so thankful that your so handy. You're always willing to lend a hand and help anyone out. Thank you for your hard work on our house you did an amazing job. Thank for everything that you do for us and words can not describe how much we love and appreciate you!!! We love you Tay!!!
To Dean,
Man I can not thank you enough for raising such a wonderful man. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you have taught Richard. Richard would not be half the man he is today if it wasn't for you. You are such an amazing father and Grandpa but best of all your an amazing cook! Thank you for always being there for us and setting such a great example. Thank you for all the fun memories on the cruise and buying a camper together. Man we spend to much together! I hope Richard will be half as amazing person as you are some day. Thank you again for all that you do for us and for always being you!!!