Monday, February 23, 2009

Rock & ROLL!

On Saturday we were going to take the kids sleding but it was so nice outside that it made the snow slushy. So we decited to go Roller Skating at the Star Lite Skating. It was so much but yet very tiring. When your trying to teach kids your back tends to be bent in a way that shouldn't be bent. Bailee had a ball and did awesome by herself. But she thought it would be fun to grab my hand to suprise me and when she did we slammed into the floor so hard oh man I felt so bad but SO DUMB!!!

Cole would wave like he was so cool but then you look at his bum he had the biggest plummer's crack...poor kid got his daddy's not butt!

Mom look i'm doing really good!

I loved Bailee and Cole's skates they were so tiny!

Will you except this rose?

Richard brought home flower from work for Bailee and I and Cole was to cute! He kept grabbing one and smelling it then he would hand it to me. Richard told him to say " Will you except this rose?" Well he did the best he could but it was cute. I said "OF COURSE I WILL" and gave him the biggest kiss!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Mom I want to be the boss now!"

Bailee, "Mom I want to be the boss now I'm tired of you always being the boss!"
Me, "Well someday when your big and have children you can be the boss."
Bailee, "I already am a mom see (her doll)."
Me, "Ok boss her around then."
Bailee, "She doesn't do what I say she is just pretend and I want to be the boss now!!!"
Me, "Well I'm sorry but your only 4 and I have to be the boss or else you wont know what to do sometimes."
Bailee, "Well that is just mean, give me a turn!"
Me, "Sorry that's life."

You think I'm in for it??? Yup, payback stinks guess I should have been a better when I was younger lol.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Mom I want Cheerleader Hair!"

Bailee LOVES Hannah Montana and High School Musical...yes she is only 4 I know I'm in BIG trouble! Anyways she woke up today and goes "Mom for preschool and dance I want cheerleader hair!" I talked to my mom today and she said at the games lately she has been copying the cheerleaders. So I think we just might have a cheerleader on our hands. I'm ok with that as long as she's not a prissy stuck up snot! So we did pom poms for pig tails. She looked so darn cute!

The other night she played on the computer pbs kids for over 4 1/2 hrs!!! She wouldn't let Richard do his homework so he had to go downstairs to do it. We know who runs this house! HA HA!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Cole's new thing is to get out of the tub and run butt naked round the house! He thinks its so funny and the funny part is he will go stand by the toilet and pee. So we always try to catch him before and put him on the toilet. No, as soon as you take him off he will stand next to it and go then laugh and run!!! AHHHHH such a boy!!!

FHE went wild and crazy!

So we love Monday night's cause Richard takes 1hr out of school for FHE. The kids LoVe every minute they get with him! Were so glad he only has 1 more year left of school!!!

Sorry the kids look crazy and in Pj's but hey they still had fun right!

You can Blog this mom

Bailee is turning into a teenage girl! You will find her in her room now with the music turn up loud to kids songs playing barbies. She loves for you to take her picture then looks to see if there good enough. Well just ask Jessica she has to get your approval to blog the picture. She looked so cute yesterday for church so we took some pictures for fun. She goes "Oh cute, you can blog that one, oh that's so cute mom you can do that one too"! Can you say were in for it! Then we were eating dinner last night and she started to sing "She hit the floor...she got low low low, boots with the fur." I was laughing so hard Richard goes did she just sing that I said yes, THANKS JESS!!!!

Just Random Pictures

Nothing really exciting has been going on around our house. Just working and raising crazy daisy kids but life is good. Just thought I would post some random pictures of the kids.

We found these cute hats at Michael and the kids have loved them!

The other day I couldn't find Cole and I would say Cole and then he would giggle I came upstairs and found this. He's such a little characters it cracks me up!

This has been the kids lately always on me! It's nice to know they love me!