Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rides, Rides, and more Rides its Lagoon time baby!

We headed down to Utah Friday night. We left Cole at Richard's parents house cause we knew it would be to hard with him. We stayed in the same room with Isaac and Liz to save a couple of bucks and so that the kids could have a sleep over. It was so much fun. Saturday morning Richard was to excited and woke up at 6:30 in the morning. Jumped in the shower got all ready then realized it was 6:30 in the morning and crawled back in bed. Well by that time we all woke up and got ready. We got to lagoon at 9 which was perfect cause we got in the Park early. We went on as many rides as possible for the kids before the crowd hit. We ran from ride to ride and the kids had a blast! They were yelling "I want to do the helicopters"..or "I want to ride the Octopus again" they couldn't get enough in. Then we went to Lagoon A Beach and cooled off which was a very much need cause well Richard started to stink lol!!!

The 3 of us after riding the Rattle Snake Rapids which we got soaked in.

Bailee and Kynna dancing in line.

Bailee and me having fun.

Bailee amazed me on rides. She was so brave I couldn't believe it. She wanted the more adult rides which was perfect cause Richard had a blast with her.


Such a good daddy to go on rides with is daughter. Ok Bailee went on the ride with Richard.
Bailee and Kynna on the boats.
Braylee, Kynna, and Bailee having a good time.
Why did we get stuck in the ford...j/k ford lovers

Bailee and I went on the kids version of the Rocket called the Lady Bug and she loved it she kept her hands in the air saying higher and yeah!!! Good Job Bai!

At 10 at night Richard and Brandon got there 20Th wind and was running threw the water with Bailee and Braylee in the strollers. They had so much fun till they realized umm the sun is gone how are we to get dry...hummm
Thanks everyone for such a fun weekend. Thanks Brandon for keeping us laughing so hard. Thanks Isaac and Liz for the awesome time in the room and for going to Hogle Zoo with us. Bailee had so much fun with Kynna and Kayson. Tt was a perfect weekend thank you so much!

What wild Animals!...HOGLE ZOO TIME!

OK we paid the same price for Hogle Zoo as we did for our Idaho Falls wanna be zoo. Oh well the kids don't care what zoo they are at they just love to see the Crazy Animals. Besides being 101 degree's we had a pretty good time.

Bailee and her daddy.

Bailee is looking at the White Alligator. There is only 10 in the world and they came from the same family. They are all brothers and they all have blue eyes. It was really fun to see something so rare.

The 3 trouble makers waiting for the elephant show to start.

Bailee got scared at the Giraffes.

But she wanted to ride one on the Carousel.

We took a train Ride and Bailee LOVE IT!

"Look Mom at that silly Bird"

After the Zoo we were right across the street from "This is the Place Park" where Brigham Young brought the pioneers down the mountain. So we looked around at the statues and learned a lot about them settling in Salt Lake. It was such a great day to get so much Church History in plus go to the Zoo. Thank you so much Isaac and Liz for an exciting and very event full weekend. It couldn't have been better well the heat could have but thanks for going with us and also the Finch's for the good time at Lagoon. Brandon you always keep us laughing!

Temple Square...Perfect Sunday Morning...ok ok not so perfect!

So we thought it would be fun to walk around Temple Square Sunday morning cause we knew we wouldn't be going to church. So the kids woke up in good moods but started to get cranky fast. Well as they got cranky the temperature got hotter and hotter and that was just loading up the cars to go. We all looked at each other and said I guess us adults better say a pray to help us not lose our cool. When we arrived at the Temple we got so lost in Joseph Smith Building that it was starting to drive us nuts. We finally made it out of the building and the spirit finally found us. Threw the sweat, tired, hungry, cranky kids we still manage to have a good time.

Sorry looks like I'm on something but this is us inside the Conference Center. That place still amazes me how big it is.

Us in front of the Temple. Cole we wished you were there with us!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Any Suggestions?

We are headed to Hogle Zoo and Lagoon this weekend. Any have a favorite ride or there favorite animal to see at the Hogle Zoo??? We want to have the best experience and don't want to come home saying next time we wont do that ride again. Its been a couple of years sense we have been there so there has been new rides. So if anyone has any suggestions please lets us know please please. Thank you!!!

4-wheeling at Nana's and Grandpa's house

The kids had a blast Sunday at Nana's house. I had a bad headache so I only took half the pictures I usually take. The kids played in the hot tub my dad just cleaned it out so the tub was only 85 degree's so the kids played and played in it. Then they had a blast on the 4-wheelers.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Its a ZOO in here!!!

We decided to take the kids to the zoo...but wait aren't we going to Hogle Zoo next Sunday? Umm yes, but we don't to go with all the family. Plus its SUMMER I WANT OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!! It was a fun day, we started out getting Kc's ear's pierced then we met at the Tauphaus Park play ground to let the kids play then went into zoo. The kids loved it. Cole would not sit in the wagon. He had to be a big boy like the other kids and walk the WHOLE TIME! He did so good he did not fall behind. In fact when he was done he would start pushing the wagon to say come on lets go. We then we to dinner and then to Sam's Club. It was a fun way to end the night we had a blast going threw Sam's Club grabbing everything in a bulk!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What summer is all about!!!

The kids just love the bubble machine. I tell you that has been the best investment ever!!!

Payton, Bailee, Dillon, and London trying to smash the bubbles.

Bailee, Dillon, and Payton

Ok, so Bailee has only been around boys all day and then we open the door and all the neighbor boys came over and said "Can we play with Bailee?" I think she likes being the only girl to all the boys. This is Tyson, Eric in the back, Kade, and Bailee. I love how they are all jumping at once showing off there skills.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday McKynna!!!

On Saturday June 12th, McKynna had her birthday party a day early. We had so much fun. Liz had all the little girls go to Vogue Beauty School where the ladies painted the girl's nails. It was so cute and the girls were in heaven. They thought it was the neatest thing EVER!!!

Bailee getting her nails done, I wish she hold this still for me!

Birthday girl getting her's done.

Amber, Hannah, Sadie, Bailee, Kynna, and Braylee showing off there beautiful nails.

Ok I love this picture, check out Kayson what a stud getting all the girls. After getting the nails done we headed over to Community Park to have pizza, cake and ice cream, then to open presents plus let the kids run free on the toys!!!

We looked over and all the kids were coming down the hill it was so funny. By the time we got the camera's some had already made it down the hill. But they were in a straight line with like the same amount of space between them. What cuties!!! Thanks Kynna and Liz for the fun day Bailee had a BLAST!!!