Friday, December 4, 2009

Crew is 2 months old today! (9 weeks)

I can't believe how FAST time is flying by! My baby is already 2 months old! Crew is such a sweet little boy! He's really easy as long as he's FED! He LOVES to eat oh my goodness all I feel like I do lately is sit on the couch and nurse! Oh well I enjoy my precious moments with him. Here is what Crew is up too-
-Very Very loud eater! Sounds like he's eating a big juicy steak!
-Is starting to smile a lot and its so cute I can't get enough!
-Loves takes a warm bath with Bailee and Cole
-Is holding his up better every day but still a bobble head
-Only wakes up at 4 to eat then sleeps till 8:30
-Is becoming the little chubster! He's getting little fat rolls, I love squeezing him!
-Is getting more alert everyday and watches you as you move
-Has everyone including extended family wrapped around his little finger!
Well that's pretty much the update on Crew! I'll post another one in a couple of months!