Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moving/Birthdays/Moving/Christmas/New Years/AHH!

Well this past month and a half has been probably the CRAZIEST we have ever been in our life! We sold our house December 8th and had to be out by the 30th. So between moving and getting everything ready for Christmas and oh yeah Richard's Birthday, Christmas parties, more birthday parties, and moving WOW did we need a day of SLEEP! Christmas was perfect, Richard's family came up from Taxes except Mindi due to foot surgery everyone was here. It was wonderful to catch up each other's lives and play with kids. The food was wonderful and man I'm am paying for it big time. Thank you so much everyone for our wonderful gifts. We sure miss Richard's sister's already! Wish Texas wasn't sooo far away.

Bailee was an angel for the ward Christmas party.

Richard's Birthday party, I put 28 instead of 29....oops!

Bailee was a big help this year and wrapped presents for us! Cole wanted to help so he wrapped his own blanket and well gave it to himself!

This was our first morning waking up in the apartment. Katelyn wanted to sleep over so we said why not it will only help keep Bailee from asking us a billion questions!

Cole is our official snow removal man!

Jessica opening her presents, Isaac and Liz threw her a surprise Birthday party!
Cole holding Crew on Christmas Eve. Crew is wearing Bailee's old Christmas pj's. I'm to cheap to buy new ones when those were only wore once!

All the Eaton grand kids opening up the pj's.

Nana and Grandpa opening up there BIG gift from the grand kids. A picture of them, that is all my mom asked for. It turned out really cute I'll post a picture of it.

Kids in the pj's.

Isaac reading the story from the Bible.

All the kids slept in the playroom. We all stayed over for Christmas except Shawn's family.

Bailee going threw her stocking.

Cole got his Transformer! Don't touch it or else he will hurt you! Yes, trust us!

All the kids got capes for Christmas. Thanks Candace for doing those up for us! The kids LOVED them.

We got my dad a Cotton Candy Maker....yummy!

Sorry Richard looks drunk we were extremely tired. I got him flamingo lights for the camper haha!

This is what Crew did the whole time....SLEEP! Way to enjoy your 1st Christmas bud!

Bailee and Cole showing off there reversible capes.

This is Monday morning. We were all so tired we just stayed in bed most of the day. But then after lunch we went and visited aunt Julie and aunt Paula.

Crew with Great Grandma Weaver. She is sure the sweetest grandma ever!

Cole is riding Ryan's dog Jess. Not sure how Jess felt but Cole sure had a blast!

We went to Ryan and Britton's for New Year's Eve and played some fun games.

The kids with aunt Julie. Bailee got to go shopping with Julie that day. She loves spending time with her. She sure loves Julie and is asking when is Julie coming up to stay in my closet...she was jealous that Julie stayed at Jordan's house and wanted Julie to come sleep in her closet. I wonder why Julie hasn't jumped on that one yet!?!

After Ryan and Britton's we went home to put the kids to bed and go play games with my family. Well the kids didn't agree to that so grandpa Eaton read them a story.

Crew is getting the CUTEST little personality when he isn't sleeping. He smiles and giggles ALL the time. We sure love this chubby little monkey!

Richard set Crew on the couch for 2 seconds while he went to the bathroom and came back and found Crew asleep like this! Poor kid :(

Hanna Montana comes to visit our house on a daily basis. Such a cutie. Well I hope you survived the picture over load! Thanks again to everyone who help us move and mom for watching the kids. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful Christmas we got. We miss you Julie, Paula, and Mindi. We can't wait to see you guys again. Anyone is welcome to come and see us we live in the barn! Thanks mom and dad for letting us live up there. Hope everyone has a great 2010 we are praying that is 1,000 times better then 2009!