Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Sunday

Sunday we woke up and had a laid back Sunday morning. It was so fun to relax and play with the kids. The the first time we were glad we have church at 1. The kids loved what the Easter bunny brought them. After church we headed to Isaac and Liz's house for a yummy Easter dinner and we ate WAY to much food. It was fun to eat and the let the kids run wild outside. Then we stopped at Richard's parents house to get some more yummy candy! Thanks everyone for making our Easter great!

Cole is into this trying not to smile thing he's so funny well see what he does next week.

Kids playing with play dough the Easter bunny brings some every year.

Bailee got a new Hannah Montana dress. Yes, I'm so sick of Hannah that I could SCREAM!

Cole has been into trains so much lately that I found this train at Walmart for $10 I know crazy!

Kids got new camping chairs cause well we need them and I got a new stroller. I'm so excited for it we told the kids the Easter bunny said I could go buy it cause we bought it on Friday when they were with us. It was such a great weekend to spend it as a family and so grateful for my wonderful children and AMAZING AMAZING husband who has been the best threw this whole pregnancy I can't thank him enough for all he as help me with! Thank you and I love you! Pictures of the Easter Egg Hunt are after the update of the baby. It got messed up for some reason.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update on Baby!

Well as you can see I'm almost 14 weeks and still sick. It's not all day sickness anymore just around 4-5 it hits then I'm done for the day. So at least its getting better. I went to the Dr. heard the heart beat everything sounds great. Just wanted to tell everyone thank you so much for helping us out and for taking the kids on days when I couldn't move. I really want to thank Bailee for helping me out so much. She tells Cole to call her mom, I know its sad but she takes care of him so much for me. She changes his diaper if its wet, fills up his sippy cup with juice and plays with him while I lay on the couch dead. She is such a blessing for me and the greatest help! She is best big sister ever! I'm hoping to get feeling better asap cause I don't want to go to Vegas and have it ruin my trip! Thanks again, Crystal

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday April 11, Shawn and Tiffany threw this AMAZING Easter Egg Hunt/BBQ! Tiffany has really turned into this amazing host that I'm scared to have Cole's B-day party cause there is no way I can come close to her! The guys BBQ outside while us girls snacked inside and had such a fun time just catching up on life with everyone. The kids were so tired by the time we left that Cole was asleep before we buckled him up! Thank you so much for the fun time and memories our kids got to make!

All the kids lining up.........GOOO!!!!!!

Cole had no problem picking up the eggs, the only bad part was he wanted to open each one and see what was inside!

Bailee is having such a great time!

Sweet a toy!

This is as good as I could get a picture of them. Heaven for bid I get a cute picture of them smiling!

Richard is such a great dad but I think he was more exited about opening the eggs then they were.

The 3 TROUBLE makers!
Bailee would have been just fine jumping off the bench all day!