Monday, April 26, 2010

Welcome home Cj!

Cj got in on Thursday at 5:45. We have been so excited for his return we missed his goofy laugh and sense of humor! The grandkids sure did miss him also! He went to Oregon but was called to Russia but they switch in the MTC. I love this picture of the two little boys holding up the poster but look at Bailee in the back ground crying!

All of us together again!

Crew meeting Cj for the 1st time.

Cole and Maddy being buds again! I put about 3 other post so keep going down sorry for the picture over load!

FHE gone BAD!

On Monday night we we're about to start FHE and Richard took the kids out to ride the 4-wheeler for a little bit before we started. Well Cole wanted to drive and of course we said no due to well he doesn't know how. Well he pushed the gas button wouldn't let up and was headed right for the suburban. Bailee some how manage to pull his arm to the right and turned the 4-wheeler which was going into the fence instead. We were so glad or else we would probably had 2 kids in the hospital. They hit the chain fence at about 20mph and it came up and scratched the heck out of there faces. These pictures don't do any justice to how it really looked the next day. Poor kids but I guess we all learn our lesson on helmets and not letting Cole drive again for a very LONG time!

Cole had put about 5 band aids on his face that night. I wish you could really see how bad his face was this doesn't look bad at ALL!

Both kids after it happen. We are so blessed that all they got was banged up faces.


Richard took the kids to the Monster Truck Show with Shawn. They had to put the wreckers in and you know Kayson, Cole, and Kade had a BLAST!!! But instead of watching the show they made there own show with their trucks! Bailee had a great time but got so warn out waiting for it to start she fell asleep during the show!

The wreckers lined up with the trucks.

The kids super excited to go!

Easter Week!

These pictures are way out of order but you get the idea. We had a wonderful Easter weekend with lots of family and friends. We first had a hunt at they daycare where Cole fell just before it started and had a nose bleed while running. So I had to hold a tissue to his nose and run Check Spellingwith him while he screamed but yet still manage to get the most eggs. Then on Saturday we went to Shawn and Tiffany's house for a BBQ then let the kids run wild with over 150 eggs!

Cole got race track from the Bunny

Bail and Cole checking things out.

Cole was so tired after the hunt at Shawn's he fell asleep with the balloon in his mouth.

Dying eggs.

Well this picture didn't turn out so grand lol.

We won this house at a Home Show. It's not big but hey it's free and the kids LOVE it!

Richard taking Bailee out to show her their prize from the Easter Bunny.

Bailee running for eggs.

Cole getting his eggs in between nose bleeds and screaming.

Lining up getting run for the eggs.