Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Cole!

Cole Richard Taylor
7lbs 6oz 20.5 inch
April 28, 2007
Happy 3rd birthday Cole. You came into our lives the sweetest, cutest, chubbiest little boy! We we're so excited for you. You have brought the cutest little spirit into our home and we are so grateful to have you. Cole hit the terrible 2's HARD! I didn't think he was going to be my sweet little boy anymore but the week he turned 3 wow he did a complete 360! He his back to his normal self well with a side of stubbornness but hey I'll take that over that grump he was!

Cole 1 week old

1st birthday!

2 years old

3 years old!
Boy we sure love this kid to death! He is definitely a mamma's boy but I love it! Cole has his blue blanket that he's still has to have with him 24/7. He still will only eat pancakes or waffles for breakfast and about 20 sippy's of juice a day. He LOVES corn dogs (YUCK) and well pancakes and that is pretty much it! He can count to almost 25 and says he's ABC's with no problem. He can point out some of the letters but were still working on it. He LOVES to sing and he LOVES trucks, trains, his buzz and woody doll action figures. He begs to go to bed about 8:30! It's the best! He's a total boy except when he plays dress up with Bailee and barbies. He's is going 100% all day long and keeps me on my feet! Happy Birthday my bud and we love you so much!

He LOVED his monster truck cake!

Isaac and Liz brought over there jumper boy they sure do love it!

Duh they all had to hit the hot tub when the party was over!

We did 2 parties this year for Cole due to the fact that we are in a tiny apartment and no room for anyone not even us! This is Cole's monster truck cake for the Taylor's.

Cole opend up his Cars wii game. He has played it NON stop!

Opening gifts from the Taylor's.

Thank you so much everyone for spoiling Cole again. We appreciate you all for bringing food and spending the day with us on Cole's birthday! We love you bubba!

Bailee's Dance Recital

Bailee's Dance Recital was May 1st. The theme was "So you think you can Dance" and let me tell ya, Bailee is a performer! She always goes out and puts on a little show! I was so proud of her for watching Jill instead of the other girls and she was so stinking CUTE!

Bailee and Kynna

Bailee and Kaidance

After the recital we gave the girls there flowers. Well Cole was NOT happy they he didn't get one my goodness he threw a HUGE fit! So Bailee being so nice gave him one of hers and he was a happy kid after that! lol He's crazy!

Richard gave Bailee her flowers

Bailee with Grandma and Grandpa Taylor

Doing her Mr. Touchdown dance she is the second from the right.

This is her Bear Necessities dance. We are so proud of you Bailee for dancing your little heart out and doing your best we love you soooo much!

Daddy daughter weekend!

Richard wanted to start a new tradition and take each of our kids out camping for a weekend just the 2 of them. Bailee was so excited she could hardly stand it! She packed her own clothes, made her bed, got all her hair stuff plus shampoo and conditioner. It was the cutest thing to watch her load all of it. Richard said she did her own hair and helped with cooking and cleaning. I'm so proud of her!

No worries that is not Richard's real hair! Bailee was so excited when she got home she ran in told me they almost hit a deer, they went to see the windmills, and road the 4-wheeler all day. I'm so glad I have a wonderful husband who wants to spend time with our kids! Love you babe!