Friday, November 2, 2007

Tub Time!

Bailee wanted to take a bath with Cole.

They are so cute!

Silly Kids

I got to watch Jordan & Elly and so
we played pin the nose on the clown
and Elly thought it was the funniest thing EVER!

Jordan and Bailee went at the same time.

Playing Halloween Games

Bailee can't do it without sticking her tongue out.

This is Kayson doing it "without" cheating!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Bailee was the cutest poodle!

This frog is definitely a prince!
Bailee is ready for CANDY!

Bailee and Cole pooped out!

Pumkin Patch!

I laughed so hard cause Richard went to the girl

Cole is already in love with computer, yup
he's his father's son!

Bai showing off the pumkins sorry the picture
is fuzzy.

Cole is in the big tub now

If only I could reach them!

Bailee ready for dance

Bailee was so excited to go to dance
she got ready early in the morning,
so I had to take some pictures of her
before she got all messy for dance.

Cole's 1st hair Cut

We were in the middle of painting and we
decided to give Cole a hair cut.

This picture is classic!


Cole is showing off his tongue

Cole discovered his tongue. He thinks its the
greatest thing ever.

Cole and Maddy having a show down.

Austin's Farewell

Bailee's ready for church. We are heading to Austins

Dad and Cole laying out in the sun at Hanson's house.

Bailee rolling arond thinking she is so funny.

Cole sitting on great grandma Weaver.

Cole meeting aunt Julie

Julie with Elly, Cole, Bailee, and Jordan at
Grandma Taylor's house.

We could not get the kids to look at us cause they
were watching cartoons. So I had to stand if front
of the tv to get them to look.

Happy Days

Cole happy as can be!

Bailee fell asleep waiting for dad to come home.

Daisy giving Cole loves.