Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our life at the daycare "Tator Tots Academy" 2011

After we sold our house on Larson Dr. in Idaho Falls, I wanted to still work. So I applied at the daycare in Shelley to help out and to be with my kids. It was pretty fun and hard work! I got lucky and was able to teach the preschool there. Here is some pictures of events that happened when we were there.

 Crew was the ladies man!
 We took the preschool to Channel 8 News. I enjoyed it myself!

 Making Volcano's.
 Crew talking on the phone.

 Then we took them to the Idaho Falls Fire department.

 Crew watching the train go by.
 We had one of the Shelley cops come over and teach about safety.

 I sure love him!

 Eww making bird feeders!
 When the weather started to change we took them to the park for some much need fun!

 Making nest for N

 Cole, Tyler, Conner, Bailey, and Crew. They all became very good friends!

 We took them to "Just for Kidds" dentistry and they LOVED it!

Cole being naughty on the way to work! But sure is cute! We had a great time at the daycare. I worked there for a year and a half. Gained some good friends and learned a lot about working with girls haha! But a huge thanks for letting me be apart of teachers so I could be with my kids!