Thursday, October 4, 2012

Camping in June. 2011

We love to camp! If you can't tell. This was our 1st time to Birch Creek. It was fun and nice to have a new place to see. To bad the weather was a little cold! But hey we lived!
 Crew and his dump trucks.
 Yes...that is a propane fire place. Yes, we are out camping....don't judge!
 2 best friends for life! Mady and Cole.
 Safety 1st! Bailee, Cole, and Kayson.
 Best friends forever! Kynna, Katelyn, Mady, and Bailee...just need Kaidance.
 Awe...I love my sissy.
 Take a real man to be a good daddy!
 Hard worker in training!
 Crew and Cheeka.
 Cole..Kayson...please say away from the fire! Repeat, repeat, repeat...they didn't listen.
 Love my chubby monkey!
 The race is on!
I love this girl! We had a wonderfully COLD weekend! But hey we will do it again, anytime, anyplace! See ya next trip!