Thursday, October 4, 2012


We were so lucky and blessed to be able to go over to Navuoo for Cj and Stephanie's wedding. We were able to go over in November and talk about the best birthday present! It was NOTHING like I imagined it to be. The town is extremely small and hardly any Mormons, but the spirit was so strong you didn't want to leave!

 Joesph Smith and Hyrum on their last ride before taken to jail.
 Joseph and Hyrum in front of the jail.
 The top window is where Joseph fell out when he was shot.
 Isaac is standing by the jail gate.

This is hole where the bullet went threw the door and shot Joesph by the window.

 The Mississippi River.
 Emma, Joseph, Hyrum's  headstones.
 The Smith House.

 This little horse toy is same toy and one of the Saints came back for while the mob was in town. He had to sneak in and grab it. They would NOT let us touch it!
 Richard and I outside the Nauvoo Temple after the wedding.
 This is the original floor that was in the dance hall. Crazy to think Joseph and Emma danced on this exact floor!
 Nauvoo Temple
That was probably one the best trips ever! Congrats Cj and Stephanie!