Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!

Richard's family tradition has started to rub off on my side of the family. This year Isaac's family and Jessica's went with us. This year we went to Fall Creek which is BEAUTIFUL up there! I love Fall Creek. We were all a little tired this year even Bailee and Cole were exhausted from Thanksgiving and the running around. But we still had a great time.

Bailee and Cole would NOT smile for me. We realized when we put Bailee's snow pants on for the 1st time this year..umm they are a little SMALL!
This is Isaac's tree! Kayson and Kynna picked it out. Richard was trying to load it on the trailer yelling.."little full, LOTS of sap!"
Tad: Do you think this will fit my house?
Rich: How tall are you ceilings?
Tad: 7ft
Richard: TAD THIS IS OVER 20feet!!!
Tad: So you saying we need to take a little off? lol DUH!
Richard pulling Kayson on the sled.
Bailee and Kynna having a great time.
Cole finally gave up!
We were starving so we went to Sizzler. We all looked scary but the food was well worth the embarrassment of looking horrible. Kayson is showing me he got gum.
We got home put the tree up, put the lights on, and sprayed it with snow. Here is Cole doing the bottom half. Needless to say more ended up on him then the tree.
Richard sprayed a smiley face on him.
Bailee decorating the tree for FHE. We got the tree ALL done and Bailee was behind the tree some how. Yes, the tree fell over all the decorations fell off and some broke...couldn't help but laugh...later!

This is a random picture but Crew was sleeping so cute on my bed Sunday morning I had to take a picture of his chubby cheeks.

Crew had to go Black Friday shopping with us. He was WONDERFUL he slept the whole time, woke up at the mall to eat then went back to sleep till we got home! He's such a good little monkey!

Richard and Crew taking there Thanksgiving nap.

Bailee, Cole and Crew getting ready to leave to Nana's for Thanksgiving. Sorry its blurry my wonderful camera stinks!

Crew is starting to smile so Richard is trying to get one out of him.

Crew is getting big soooo fast! This is his 1st Thanksgiving!

For FHE last week Richard made hot chocolate in the snowman mugs.
Rich makes the BEST hot chocolate yummy!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Once there was a Snowman!

On Sunday Bailee asked Richard to build a snowman with her. So of course he did and it turned it super cute. Monday morning Bailee woke up and ran to check to make sure her snowman was still there! I think this winter were going to be making LOTS of snowman!

Bailee just adores Crew! Here she is reading books to him and as you can see he's falling fast asleep!

We went to this place in Pocatello its like Blast Off in Idaho Falls. Cole saved some of his tickets in his pocket of his coat. Well he couldn't find any pockets in his sweats so he stuck them in his underwear! Silly kid!

Cole and Mady at the Shelley playoff's in the mini dome. These 2 are the best of friends but man they sure can FIGHT! Congrats to Shelley for winning the Championship!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bailee, Cole, & Crew's Pictures

Miranda Johnson took the kids picture when Crew was a week old. She does such a wonderful job and has so much patience! Thank you so much! She took them in Black and white and Sophia but I just love the colored ones. Here is just some of the pictures but I put a lot on cause I love them all!

I adore this one! This is Cole's smile everyday! He's a little stinker/sweetheart! I'm so glad she captured him at his best!

This is the first picture we took. Cole was tired cause it was his nap time, Bailee wanted to play with Alivia! I was starting to think we weren't going to get any shots but luckily they both shaped up and we got some adorable pictures!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crew's Blessing

We had such a great weekend that we were exhausted by Sunday night! Sunday November 1st we blessed Crew. Richard did a wonderful job! The spirit was so strong and the blessing was beautiful! Richard always does an amazing job on blessing our children. I'm so grateful that my husband can bless our children.

Our family after church. Bailee had already changed clothes and Cole was way beyond tired! So this is the best we could do!

Our cutie Bailee!

Crew is such a sweet boy! I can't get enough of him. I just love how he's getting so chubby I love to squeeze him!

He's making a C for Crew!

My favorite boys in the world! I love you guys! Thank you to all our family and friends who came to support Crew. We love you all and were blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you everyone for helping us out this past month. Thank you mom for the wonderful food on Sunday! It was so nice not to be stressed out making dinner and getting everyone ready for church. Thank you everyone for making the day so special for us!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This year was a blast for Halloween! Bailee and Cole made it a blast for us! The pictures are all out of order but it started Friday morning for Bailee's Preschool. Bailee of course wanted to be Hannah Montana. She looked really cute and everyone called her Hannah which she still wants us to. Cole was a pirate. He wanted to be Transformers but I didn't think he would wear a mask. So I didn't want to spend money on something he wouldn't wear. Richard was himself for Halloween haha! j/k!

Richard and the kids getting ready to go trick or treating.

Bailee at the church carnival Friday night.

Cole taking his turn.

After truck or treating Bailee wanted to hand out candy so Cole had to help also!

Cole is so cute in this picture. He had fun killing Hannah! Crew was a frog waiting to turn into a prince.

The Taylor grand kids at Grandma Taylor's work. They did a trick or treating threw out it was really neat. The best of all they gave out good candy!

Bailee aka Hannah Montana!

Cole out cutie Pirate!

Wow are the hugging???

Bailee just got back from preschool and showing off her fun toys she got.