Thursday, October 4, 2012

Everyday life...2011

I don't want these picture's put aside so I thought I would do just a ramdon post of everyday life our family.
Bailee is 6 1/2, Cole 4, Crew 1 1/2

Great Grandma Weaver. Sure love her!

Lagoon, August 2011

On our way to Utah...

 Crew does NOT like to ride in we even gave him a Dew!
 Nope...still MAD!
 Really mom! I am to small for these rides!
 Finally! So tired and hot!

 Yup, Crew is always eating!
 Sweet! Once we learned he could go on the rides, he was in HEAVEN!!!


Still eating! Gotta love Lagoon! Fun times!

4th of July 2011

4th of July 2011.

Bailee, Nathan, Ben, and Cole
and Crew

Palisades Camping with Taylor's July 2011

We love our camping trips! We love our week camping trips with the Taylor Family. We went to Palisades this year to waterskii!

 Elly, Bailee, and Jordan splishing and a splashing!
 Look at those cute little bums!

 Making bird feeders

 Awe...look they do love each other...sort-a

 We went to Jackson for the day and Richard and Bailee went down the Mountain Slide.
 Richard and the boys with Mark and Cole Makia
 Bailee knee boarding for the 1st time!
 What! We are camping Cole!

 Taking a calorie break with some ice cream.

 Get off your phone! Hey Crew you have a little something something on your face!
 Swimming in Jackson!
What a great week. Can't wait for next year!